ISU National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Cynthia Pemberton

Delegate: Cynthia Pemberton
State: Idaho


As part of her Vision 2020 State Initiative, Pemberton is engaging in Idaho State University’s National Girls and Women in Sports Day. The mission of this day is to promote life-long physical and mental health and well-being, by providing participants (students, faculty, staff, community members, and Idaho girls) with opportunities to learn and experience fitness-related sports and activities and to celebrate and showcase the achievement potential of women and girls through leadership and sports/activities.  Pemberton successfully participated in the 2011 event.

The short-term State Initiative goals are to:
• Encourage and support an active opportunity for girls to “sample” fitness-related sports and activities, and thereby lay a foundation for instilling values associated with lifetime fitness and wellness.
• Showcase women in leadership and establish and build positive role-modeling connections between young girls and female university students.
• Use a service-learning education model to provide female university students with opportunities to engage in leadership activities and actions that support community involvement and enhance academic learning and the educational ideals associated with democratic citizenship. 

Long-term goals are to celebrate the achievements and involvement of girls and women in sports past, present, and future and to support and strengthen the university-community relationship through “town and gown” connections.

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