Equality in Action: Women in Business

Delegate: Rebecca Richardson
State: Missouri



As part of her Vision 2020 State Initiative, Richardson is encouraging greater support for women entrepreneurs through the following work:
• Tracking contract participation for women business enterprises (WBEs) with government entities.
• Tracking contract participation for WBEs with corporations in the region.
• Studying public policies that limit women-owned businesses, and advocate for policy changes to improve regulations to promote women in business.
• Creating a directory of women-owned businesses, including those seeking governmental contacts, as well as small businesses owned by women not participating in WBE contracting preference programs.
• Encouraging women to “shop first” with women business owners. 

The short-term goal is to establish project team and tools as well as research and document existing participation of women entrepreneurs in Missouri. The long-term goal is to increase WBE participation by state and local governments by 5% in three years.

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