C.A.R.E. Collaborations for New Jersey (Commitment + Attitude+ Results= Equality)

Jaya Dargan

Delegate: Jaya Dargan
State: New Jersey


The C.A.R.E. Collaborations for New Jersey Initiatives focuses on collaborating with institutions of Higher Education in New Jersey to build awareness for the Vision 20/20 Initiative and its Goals. This will be achieved by creating an initiative that builds commitment and support for this goal to make visible, tangible efforts resulting in greater gender equality and opportunities available to all.

Jaya invites participation from academic institutions to develop programs that measures visibility of young women and men in challenging roles, career development, advancement as well as economic support via scholarships or entrepreneurial opportunities made available to them, to leverage the date in creating a plan for greater equality.

Jay creates project plans in coordination with partnering institutions where measure of progress and success of programs can be consistent and visible through the implementation and measure phases.  She invites participation from private and corporate partners and allies who can contribute to this effort and its ongoing success, as well as publish periodic reports to share goals, partners, measurement criteria, project plans, and events to all partners.  Lastly, Jaya holds supporting events to share progress, engage dialogue, invite networking and celebrate achievements in the Garden State!

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