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College Chapters

Vision 2020 Campus Chapters carry the unique responsibility of promoting the mission of Vision 2020 and our five national goals to the next generation of leaders through educational workshops and events.  These chapters strive to engage their respective campuses by developing programming to educate future leaders:

  • To learn about and promote the five national goals of Vision 2020 on their respective campuses and engage their peers in interactive conversations and action steps.
  • To form a network of strong, confident and intelligent leaders, both men and women, who are committed to building a better future for women, girls and their communities.

As a Vision 2020 Chapter, you will work to promote these goals on your campus through events, workshops, and other outlets you find appropriate.  Vision 2020 has confidence in our Chapter members and allows them the liberty to design their own programs and projects, with the approval and assistance of the national office.  Please refer to the activities and fundraising proposal sections of this handbook for suggestions, and the Vision 2020 event proposal form in the appendix when you are ready to get started.

If you are interested in learning more about Vision 2020 College Chapters or applying to become a Junior Delegate, check out these links below!

If you are interested in becoming a Vision 2020 Junior Delegate or would like to start a College Chapter, please contact

Vision 2020 College Chapters

  • Simmons College- Boston, MA
  • Drexel University- Philadelphia, PA