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Become a Vision 2020 Delegate

Since its launch in 2010, Vision 2020 has been expanding its national network of women leaders, including Delegates from all 50 states and allied national women’s organizations representing over 20 million women and girls. Vision 2020 mobilizes the collective power and energy of these two groups and its growing membership to accelerate the pace of women’s progress with an eye on the year 2020. In 2020 the nation will celebrate the centennial of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote and signaled the long road to achieving full equality.

Each Vision 2020 Delegate is a person who meets the following criteria:

  • Has a demonstrated commitment to helping women and/or girls.
  • Commits to serving a two-year term as a Delegate with Vision 2020 attending the National Congresses and working to advance women in leadership on behalf of Vision 2020. She develops an initiative that promotes Vision 2020 national goals or acts as a Change Agent, engaging communities and networks in work to advance the Vision 2020 goals.
  • Is a leader in or affiliated with an organization (professional, social, or grassroots) that is working to advance women in leadership.
  • Is willing to mobilize her individual and professional resources to bring about positive change in women’s equality in the name of Vision 2020.

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