Online Note-taker Training

Unit Two: Your Responsibilities as a Note-Taker

Your role as note-taker is to convey the professor’s ideas, opinions, and concepts presented. The notes should reflect the professor’s meaning and intent, without added commentary or opinion. You should not interject personal opinions or advice in your notes.

Note-taking volunteers must take clear and comprehensive notes during each class, attend all classes, and provide copies of notes within 24 hours of the class period. Note-takers cannot make or allow other students to make copies of their class notes.

If you have difficulty taking clear and complete notes because the professor is talking too fast or not providing enough time to copy overheads, please bring it to the professor’s attention. Note-takers must communicate effectively with the Office of Disability Services if a problem arises or is not able to be handled by speaking with the professor.

Should the student who has a disability decide to disclose any information to the note-taker, the note-taker must keep the information strictly confidential.

If the note-taker is to be absent from class, the following steps must be taken:

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