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Special Edition
Drexel in the News

Drexel in the News

This special edition of the Drexel Daily Digest reports selected University news coverage between December 16, 2006 and January 5, 2007.
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President Papadakis commented on Drexel’s development over the past decade on December 15, 2006 in an interview on former Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Rovner’s WNWR-AM (1540) talk show.

President Papadakis was quoted in a story on’s December 15, 2006 edition about the work of Carl "Tobey" Oxholm III, senior vice president and general counsel, in helping establish the College of Law.
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The Philadelphia Inquirer published a question-and-answer article on Allen Sabinson, dean of the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, in its "Influences: What Shapes the Minds That Make the News" section on December 24, 2006. In it, the dean notes that the person he most admires in academia is President Papadakis for his many accomplishments.
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An Associated Press story in which Dr. Richard Hamilton, associate professor of emergency medicine in the Drexel University College of Medicine, is quoted was published in hundreds of newspapers, including USA Today, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle and Jerusalem Post and on the Web sites of MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News and FOX News. The story is about how University of Florence scientists believe they have uncovered the murders of Francesco de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany, and his wife, Bianca Cappello, about 400 years ago.
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The Drexel Dragons men’s basketball team’s December winning streak was featured in USA Today on January 2, 2007, on on December 27, 2006 and in a Philadelphia Inquirer column on December 23. The streak was also featured in stories in the New York Daily News on December 21 and New York Times, New York Post, Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Houston Chronicle and Toronto Star on December 20, and Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle and Newsday on December 19. The team was also noted in stories on the Web sites of CBS on December 20 and 21 and ABC, Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News on December 20 and Forbes on December 19.
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Drexel alumnae Robin Miller and Rachel Levin and their LympheDIVAs products were featured on KTKA-TV (ABC-Topeka, Kansas) and WOWT-TV (NBC-Omaha, Neb.) on January 1, 2007. LympheDIVA designs fashion-forward medically correct compression apparel for survivors of breast cancer living with or who are at high risk for lymphedema, a side effect of breast cancer treatment. The story was syndicated and broadcast on WHOI-TV (ABC-Peoria, Ill.), WIS-TV (NBC-Columbia, S.C.), WXOW-TV (ABC-La Crosse, Wisc.), WRBL-TV (CBS-Columbus, Ga.), KFDA-TV (CBS-Amarillo, Texas) and WJHL-TV (CBS-Johnson City, Tenn.).
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The New Yorker featured photography by alumna Sarah Stolfa '05, in its January 8, 2007 art listings.

Dr. Daniel King, assistant professor of chemistry, commented on reasons for the unseasonably warm weather on KYW-AM (1060) on January 4, 2006 and WCAU-TV (NBC-10) on January 2.

Dr. Rob D’Ovidio, assistant professor in the Department of Culture and Communication, commented on new passports equipped with RFID technology on WCAU-TV (NBC-10) on January 3, 2006.
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A Drexel program in which Dr. Richard Astro, distinguished professor of English and philosophy, who teaches an online course to minor-league baseball players to help them continue their education, was noted in a KYW-AM (1060) story on January 2, 2007. Dr. Astro was also quoted in a story published in November on America Online about the program.
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Dr. Garry Condon, associate professor of ophthalmology in the Drexel University College of Medicine, was quoted in an story on December 30, 2006 about glaucoma drainage devices.
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Bruce Graham, adjunct professor in media arts, was quoted in a story on December 27, 2006 about his play, "Dex & Julie Sittin' in a Tree," which will be held at Philadelphia’s Arden Theatre Company from January 11 to March 4, 2007.
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Dr. David Stein, assistant professor of surgery control, commented on the Drexel University College of Medicine’s summer mini-med camp in a syndicated story broadcast on WOWT-TV (NBC-Omaha) on December 26, 2006.

Drexel’s annual holiday toy drive was featured on WCAU-TV (NBC-10), WPVI-TV (ABC-6), KYW-TV (CBS-3) and WPSG-TV (CW-57) on December 22, 2006. Students, faculty and staff were featured on WPVI-TV (ABC-6) and KYW-TV (CBS-3) newscasts on December 15 as they wrapped gifts during the drive.

Andrea Modica, associate professor of media arts, was noted in a Denver Post story on December 22, 2006. The professor’s photography is on exhibition.

Dr. Richard Hamilton, associate professor of emergency medicine in the Drexel University College of Medicine, commented on how to prepare shrimp safely on KYW-AM (1060) on December 22, 2006.

Dr. Mark Radler, Drexel University College of Medicine, published a story on the Web site of Dental Economics on December 22, 2006 about the importance of customer service in dentistry.
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The Wall Street Journal quoted Dr. Myrna Shure, professor of psychology, in the Home & Family: Work & Family Mailbox column on December 21, 2006 on children and bullying.

Dr. David Berkson, assistant professor of family medicine in the Drexel University College of Medicine, commented on new medication designed to battle colds on KYW-TV (CBS-3) and WPSG-TV (CW-57) on December 21 and 20, 2006. The story was syndicated and broadcast on KWCH-TV (CBS-Witchita, Kansas) on December 26.
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Dr. Daniel Taylor, assistant professor of pediatrics in the Drexel University College of Medicine, was quoted in a Philadelphia Tribune story on December 20, 2006 about pediatricians’ increased need for training.
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The opening of the A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute’s Centralized Research Facilities was noted in a story on on December 20, 2006.

The Drexel University College of Law and its Women’s Law Society were featured in a WPVI-TV (ABC-6) newscast on December 19, 2006. Law students contributed about $1,000 to buy gifts for the Banner family, which includes a mother and grandmother who are struggling with kidney disease.
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Dr. Raj Mutharasan, professor of chemical engineering, and a sensor he developed that can detect trace amounts of E. coli bacteria were featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer story on December 18, 2006. The story was syndicated and published in the Monterey County Herald (Calif.), Belleville News-Democrat (Ill.), Kansas City Star (Mo.), San Luis Obispo Tribune (Calif.), Biloxi Sun Herald (Miss.), Charlotte Observer (N.C.), Centre Daily Times (Pa.), Myrtle Beach Sun News (S.C.), Contra Costa Times (Calif.), The State (Columbia, S.C.), Bradenton Herald (Fla.) and Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Geo.) and on Dr. Mutharasan was also featured on WCAU-TV (NBC-10) on December 17.
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Dr. Joanne Getsy, associate professor of medicine at the Drexel University College of Medicine and medical director of the Drexel Sleep Center of Manayunk, was quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer story on December 17, 2006 about products and diagnostic centers for sleep apnea patients. The story was syndicated and published in the Miami Herald, San Jose Mercury News (Calif.), Centre Daily Times (State College, Pa.), Monterey County Herald (Calif.), Charlotte Observer (N.C.), The State (Columbia, S.C.), Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, Texas), Akron Beacon Journal (Ohio), Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (Ind.) and Wilkes Barre Times-Leader (Pa.) and on Dr. Getsy also commented on sleep deprivation on NBC’s "Saturday Today" on December 16, 2006.
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Stanley Kligman, instructor of marketing, commented on holiday shopping online on KYW-AM (1060) on December 15, 2006.

Dr. Roy Kim, associate professor of history and politics, was quoted in a Financial Times story on December 17, 2006 about financial sanctions against North Korea.
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Dr. Jie Cai, assistant professor of finance, was noted in a Des Moines Register story on December 17, 2006 regarding his research on corporate acquisitions.
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A Drexel study about the perceived differences in the value of goods and services whose prices end in 0 and 99 cents was noted in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on December 17, 2006.
Storylink - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The 38th annual General Alumni Association Turkey Drive was noted on WPVI-TV (ABC-6), KYW-TV (CBS-3), WPSG-TV (CW-57) and KYW-AM (1060) on December 14, 2006.

Dr. Kenneth Hartman, academic director of Drexel University Online, was quoted in a story on on December 14, 2006 about offering a tuition reduction to all U.S. military members, their spouses and immediate family for online graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs. Dr. Hartman also commented on converting analog music to a digital format on WCAU-TV (NBC-10) on December 14.
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Daniel M. Filler, professor of law and associate dean for faculty, commented on December 7, 2006 on WHYY-AM (90.9) on attorneys' efforts to represent clients during public health scares such as the recent E. coli outbreak.

Today’s Science, a publication aimed at secondary-school students, published a story about recent findings of Dr. Michel Barsoum, professor of materials engineering. Dr. Barsoum’s findings show that the Great Pyramids of Giza are partially constructed of limestone-based concrete.

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