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General Information


Students Who Were Awarded Degrees in the Preceding Summer, Fall, or Winter Terms

• Students who completed their degree requirements and received diplomas in the summer '07, fall '07 or winter '08 terms are eligible to take part in Commencement.

Application for Degree Form

• If you are planning to receive a degree in the spring term, you must have on file with the University Registrar an Application for Degree form. The deadline for submitting this form was February 17. If you have not filed this form, please do so immediately, as this is what places you on the degree-candidate list and initiates the ordering of your diploma.

• If you did not meet the deadline, your diploma cannot be guaranteed to be available at the Diploma Ceremony for your college or school on June 14, and your name will not appear in the Commencement program.

• If you graduated in the previous summer, fall or winter term, you should not file an Application for Degree form or a Walkthrough form

Degree-Clearing Process

• Grades for degree candidates are due on June 6 at noon.

• After the grades have been submitted, clearing will take place June 9, 10 and 11.

• A representative from each department will meet with a member of the University Registrar staff to clear students for graduation.

• If you have questions about the completion of your degree requirements, contact your individual advisor in your department/college.

Walkthrough Status

• “Walkthrough” applies to students who will not have met their degree requirements by the end of the spring term and who are not degree candidates. Walkthrough forms, also called participation forms, are available from your college advisor. After your advisor has signed your form, return it to the SRC. Complete both sides of the Walkthrough form. Be sure to submit an application for degree with your Walkthrough form.

• Walkthrough students will not receive a diploma at Commencement, and their names will not appear in this year's Commencement program.

• Walkthrough students are not considered degree candidates and therefore are not exempt from final exams in the spring term.

• The following criteria for Walkthrough status apply to each type of student noted:

Undergraduate students

• You are a full-time student, within 20 credits of completing requirements, and you will complete them by the end of the following summer or fall term.

• You are a part-time student, within 12 credits of completing requirements, and you will complete them by the end of the following summer or fall term.

Graduate students

• You are completing a thesis or dissertation, you have defended your work (Ph.D. candidates must submit their D-7 to the Office of Graduate Studies by June 4) and are within two weeks of forwarding the completed copy to Hagerty Library.

• You do not have a thesis requirement, you are within six credits of completing your degree requirements at the end of the spring term, and will complete all work by the end of the summer term following Commencement.

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