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Current STAR Scholars

Welcome, STAR Scholars! Below, please find resources that will help guide you through your experience in the STAR Scholars Program.


Your first order of business is to research your research. You can use a variety of resources to find a STAR Mentor. The first and foremost is the Discover portal. We encourage former STAR Mentors to consistently post new positions on the website, as well as many faculty members who would be interested in becoming first-time mentors.

Research your Research

You can research the research in your discipline by visiting each college's and/or department's website to find information on specific faculty members' research areas of expertise. From here, we encourage you to contact faculty members directly to request a meeting to speak about their research interests and any open research opportunities that may be available.

Please use the Discover site to set up your one-on-one meeting with OUR staff. Instructions on how to do so are located here. If you cannot view the calendar/appointments feature in Discover, please contact us at

Expectations & Responsibilities

As a STAR Scholar, there are a few things you are expected to do to maintain good standing in the program. You must:

  • Identify a faculty mentor prior to the end of Spring Term (preferably by sometime in the middle of Spring Term). We will assist you in this process, but ultimately it is your responsibility to communicate with and secure a faculty mentor.
  • Maintain a minimum 3.4 cumulative GPA throughout your freshman year. Please note: Students who fall below a 3.0 cumulative GPA at any point during the academic year will automatically be dismissed from the program.
  • Have a one-on-one meeting with a member of the OUR staff.
  • Be responsive to communication from the OUR staff. Much, if not all, of the information about STAR Scholars will be communicated through email, and it is IMPERATIVE that you respond to this communication promptly. This includes meeting deadlines for returning paperwork and scheduling meetings.

Paperwork & Deadlines

Here, you will find an electronic copy of most forms that you may need during the course of your STAR Scholar experience. Please note each of the deadlines, as these forms span the entire academic year.

Please note that, in addition to the paperwork listed here, you will also have to fill out New Hire Paperwork from Human Resources in order to be hired as a STAR Scholar. More information about this paperwork will be available during the Spring Orientation meetings.




STAR Scholars Information Form

This form provides the OUR with STAR Scholars' basic contact information and research interests; this will form the basis of one-on-one meetings with the OUR staff. This form will also act as confirmation of your spot in the STAR Scholars Program. Varies by time of acceptance into Program

STAR Scholars Midterm GPA Request Form

This form is for students who have fallen below the 3.4 minimum GPA requirement to maintain good standing in the STAR Scholars Program. It must be signed by all of the student's professors and returned to the OUR staff.

*Please note: If you fall below a 3.0 GPA at any point during your academic year, you will be automatically dismissed from the STAR Scholars Program.

varies by term

STAR Scholars Handout

This form outlines the major events STAR Scholars should be aware of throughout the academic year, by term. The first handout outlines appropriate deadlines for FALL term STARs, whereas the Mid-Year Handout lays out deadlines for Mid-Year STARs. N/A

Important Dates & Deadlines Packet

This packet includes information about dates and deadlines pertaining to the STAR Scholars Spring Orientation paperwork, including information on pay schedules and how to submit timesheets through DrexelOne. There is no deadline associated with this handout; the specific forms listed in the packet and their deadlines are found below. N/A

Roommate Request

For STAR Scholars opting to live in STAR housing over the summer, this form is to make a specific roommate request. STAR Scholars may request specific roommates but NOT specific rooms. Additionally, there are restrictions on certain types of moves. Please contact OUR staff for details. TBA

Housing Opt-Out Form

This form is for STAR Scholars who choose NOT to live in STAR housing over the summer. Please note: All STAR Scholars choosing to live on campus must live in STAR housing. Students can opt out of STAR housing should they choose to live off campus during the STAR term.

Late Move-In/Early Move-Out Request Form

This form is for students who wish to request a late move-in (moving into STAR housing after July 1, 2013) or an early move-out (moving out of STAR housing prior to August 23, 2013). Please note: ALL students participating in an international STAR opportunity and returning to on-campus housing for the remainder of the summer must submit this form. TBA

Faculty Course Approval Form

This form is for students who have elected to take one class during the STAR Summer Term. You and your mentor must sign this form, as it acknowledges that your mentor is aware of and approves of the class you have chosen to take and that you are responsible for tuition charges during the summer term.  TBA

Hiring Instructions

This outlines instructions for all STAR Scholars in terms of being hired for the summer term. This packet includes links to all necessary paperwork (e.g., the New Hire paperwork, the I-9 form, etc.). This also includes instructions for international students who must first apply for a temporary SSN before submitting new hire paperwork.


Payroll Information

This document outlines policies regarding payroll for the Summer Term. 


STAR Scholar/Mentor Contract

This form outlines the responsibilities and expectations for both the STAR Scholars and the STAR Mentors. Both the STAR Scholar and STAR Mentor will have to sign this and return it to the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Abstract Submission

STAR Scholars will submit abstracts of their summer projects to be included in the STAR Scholars Summer Showcase program booklet using the online submission form found here. 4 p.m., Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mentor Nomination

STAR Scholars who wish to nominate their Mentor for the Outstanding Mentor of the Year Award may do so using this form. Forms should be returned electronically to or in person to the OUR. Please see form for more details. 5 p.m., Friday, August 7, 2015