Welcome to Philadelphia

Known as "the birthplace of the nation," Philadelphia is a city full of history and firsts. Ethnically and culturally diverse, Philadelphia is the fifth most populous city in the country and is comprised of many small neighborhoods, each with a distinctive flavor and feel. As a world-class center for business, art, and education, Philadelphia offers many educational and career opportunities for students, as well as cultural events, entertainment, and gourmet food, from food trucks to five-star restaurants. Drexel University's Main Campus is located in the University City neighborhood, which it shares with two other universities and several thousand students. Within walking distance of Center City — Philadelphia's downtown and main business district — the campus is easily accessible by public transportation, so whether you're visiting for a weekend or here for the long haul, you can explore it all without having to worry about parking.


  • Philadelphia Facts – Find out a few things Philadelphia is known for — cheesesteaks are only part of it. 

  • Shopping – While Philadelphia is full of fashion, sometimes you need other things. Here's a list of places (including fashion) that will help you cover the basics.

  • Dining – Philadelphia is a fantastic city for people who love food. Whether you enjoy greasy or high class, splurging or budgeting, you have many delicious options to explore.

  • Arts, Culture, and Entertainment – Museums and much more, Philadelphia has a thriving arts and entertainment scene showcasing world-class offerings as well as new and up-and-coming talents. 

  • Parks, Outdoor Recreation, and Sports – There's always a home team to cheer for in Philadelphia, and the extensive park system provides space to get out and play your own games. 

  • History – Whether you're a history buff or a casual tourist, Philadelphia is home to many historic sites used by the Founding Fathers. 

  • Neighborhoods – Philadelphia may be a big city, but the many neighborhoods make the diverse offerings of culture, food, and lifestyle accessible. 

  • Travel and Accommodations – Find directions for getting to Philadelphia and Drexel, where to stay if you're visiting, and how to get around once you're here.