Cost of Attendance

There are two types of costs associated with attending Drexel: direct and indirect. Direct costs are those that are billed to you by the University, such as tuition, fees, and housing and dining plans. Indirect costs are expenses that you may incur while enrolled as a student, such as transportation, books, and personal expenses. These two components make up your annual cost of attendance. Any remaining amount of your cost of attendance not covered by financial aid will be considered an out-of-pocket expense you and your family are responsible for paying.

The total cost will vary based upon your year of attendance, academic program, associated fees, housing, and meal plan. To review estimated costs for full-time enrollment, please visit Drexel Central's Prospective Freshman Financing Information.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are billed on a quarterly basis. Visit the Drexel Central website to view Prospective Undergraduate Student Billing for 2014–2015.

Housing and Meal Plans

Students who enter as freshmen are required to live in residence halls or with a parent or guardian for their first year. During their second year, students may live in University, University-affiliated, or University-approved housing or with a parent or guardian. All residential freshmen must participate in the meal plan for three quarters. For more information about our residence halls and the types of housing options, visit the University Housing website.

Estimated Indirect Costs for International Students

International students/sponsors must add $5,775 to their total cost for estimated indirect costs. Indirect costs include, but are not limited to, health insurance, books, and personal expenses. Students can subtract their academic scholarships from the total amount that must be shown on their bank statements, as explained on the I-20/DS-2019 Application Form.