Co-op Preparation

At Drexel you won't be thrust blindly into co-op. Armed with the knowledge and confidence you've accrued in the classroom and the support of the Steinbright Career Development Center (SCDC), you will be prepared to take your first step into the world of full-time employment.

  • Co-op 101 — All students participating in Drexel Co-op must take Co-op 101, a class specifically designed to introduce students to the co-op process and prepare them for a professional environment.
  • Co-op Coordinators — Co-op coordinators will assist and guide you throughout your co-op experiences.
  • Co-op Workshops — The SCDC holds career fairs and job search workshops for co-op students.
  • Beyond Co-op — After you have your co-op experience, the SCDC also has resources to help you secure your first post-graduation job.

Learn more on the Steinbright Career Development Center website.