Co-op Options

Under the Drexel Co-op plan, you'll attend classes full-time for your entire freshman year. Then, depending on your academic program, you will alternate periods of full-time classroom studies with full-time employment at University-approved employers.

Co-op Cycles

Drexel's academic calendar is based on a quarter system, and a student's co-op cycle determines which quarters he or she will participate in the co-op experience. For example, students with a fall/winter co-op cycle will work full-time during the fall and winter quarters, while a student with a spring/summer co-op cycle will work full-time during the spring and summer quarters. Co-op cycles are typically assigned during freshman year. The graph on the right shows when a student with a fall/winter co-op cycle is in class, on a co-op experience, or on vacation.

The number of co-op experiences required for graduation is determined by the chosen academic course of study. 

Three Co-op Option (Five Years) – This option includes three six-month periods of full-time employment. At the start of the sophomore year, students study or work through all terms, including summers.

One Co-op Option (Four Years) – This option includes just one six-month period of full-time employment during the junior year. At the start of the sophomore year, students study or work through all terms, including summers.

No Co-op Option (Four Years) – Some programs can be completed in four years without co-op employment. Students are not required to pursue studies during any of the summer terms.

Drexel Co-op Options

Review Drexel's undergraduate majors to see which co-op options are available for your major.

Co-op Locations

Geographic Distribution of Co-op Students Employed

Co-op employers are located in 35 states and 35 international locations. Many corporations eagerly embrace and nurture the fresh perspectives, drive, and dedication that are typical of a Drexel student. This chart illustrates the location distribution of last year's students.

Geographic Distribution of Co-op Employment Number of Students
Pennsylvania 3,398
New Jersey 434
New York 154
Delaware 120
Maryland 46
California 41
Other states 107
Other countries (such as Brazil, China, Greece, Ireland, India, and Japan) 110

Drexel International Co-op

Drexel's International Co-op program provides opportunities for you to live and work in a foreign country. Students who have participated in International Co-op have come from a variety of majors and worked on nearly every continent. Through International Co-op, students:

  • Gain meaningful experience in international commerce and industry
  • Improve foreign language skills
  • Develop greater understanding of foreign cultures
  • Develop significant insights into their own characters

Drexel Co-op Nearby

The Greater Philadelphia region is a nexus of businesses virtually unmatched in scope, scale, and specialty. Some of the nation's top biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms, hospitals and healthcare centers, Fortune 500 companies, and individually owned start-ups call Philadelphia home.

Co-op Employers

Drexel students co-op at some of the world's most prestigious organizations. Take a look at Drexel's top co-op employers:

Top Co-op Employers
Arkema Inc.
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Comcast Corporation
Drexel University (Drexel hires mostly research-related co-op students)
E.I. du Pont de Nemours
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Johnson & Johnson
Lockheed Martin
Microsoft Corporation
PECO Energy
Pennoni Associates, Inc.
Philadelphia Housing Authority
Philadelphia School District
PJM Interconnection LLC
Rohm and Haas
SAP America
Sunoco, Inc.
Susquehanna International Group LLP
Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Traffic Planning and Design, Inc.
Unisys Corporation
University of Pennsylvania