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Drexel encourages prospective students to reach out to our alumni — Drexel alums are a great resource to get your questions answered. They'll share information about Drexel's academic programs and give you a firsthand account of their co-op experience and how it prepared them for a career following graduation. But their expertise isn't limited to academics — ask them about anything from joining a student organization to living in Philadelphia.

You'll probably meet some of our alumni at admissions events like college fairs and open houses, but you don't need to wait for an event in order to start the conversation. Through the "Ask a Dragon" program, you can contact Drexel alumni from across the U.S. who are eager to share their perspectives with you.

As an added bonus, speaking to an alum can help you pay for Drexel with the Dragon Alumni Scholarship. See below for a list of featured alumni by state to help get you started.

Dragon Alumni Scholarship

The Dragon Alumni Scholarship program allows graduates of Drexel University to recommend prospective students for admission. The scholarship, awarded each year of the student's full-time enrollment at Drexel, is $1,000 per year. Once you've spoken to an alumnus about life at Drexel, you can Dragon Alumni Scholarship Recommendation.

For more information on the "Ask a Dragon" program or to learn about the Dragon Alumni Scholarship, please contact our Alumni Ambassador Program at

Dragon Family Scholarship and Drexel Legacy Scholarship

If Drexel is already part of your family history, we have something for you, too. Visit Drexel Central's Incentive Awards page to learn about the Dragon Family Scholarship and the Drexel Legacy Scholarship.

Ask a Dragon

Our alumni can answer almost any question you have about life at Drexel. Want to know more? Ask a Dragon. To get you started, we've provided a list of alumni organized by state so you can reach out to someone in your area.

Featured Alumni by State

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