Freshman Frontiers: First Term in Dublin

Freshman Frontiers: First Term in Dublin

If you’ve been looking at colleges for a while, one thing you’ve probably noticed is the emphasis a lot of schools place on the “college experience.” It’s not hard to see why — there’s a lot of anticipation, excitement, and even anxiety involved in heading to college. Imagine your first term at Drexel — meeting new people, attending classes and managing your workload, exploring the city. Now imagine you’re a student during your first term at Drexel, but you’re not in Philadelphia at all. You’re in Dublin, Ireland.

Our new Freshman Frontiers program can make this a reality. Students who are accepted to the program will combine two iconic staples of the “college experience” — your first term at school and a term spent studying abroad.

Drexel’s fall term starts a little later than most other schools, so it’s always been true that first year Drexel students have a few extra weeks of waiting while their friends are off at school. Drexel students who participate in the Freshman Frontiers program, though, leave for Ireland around Labor Day. That means you’ll enjoy a late Irish summer, and it also means that you’ll start your college experience that much earlier. That’s a good thing, because you’ll be busy earning credits toward your Drexel degree through our Irish affiliate, the Dublin Business School and School of Arts — Dublin's largest private university.

Of course, you’ll also spend time with your fellow Drexel Freshman Frontiers participants, meet local students, and take advantage of a series of planned excursions designed to showcase the local culture. Don’t forget to make time to see the city on your own terms. But whether you’re tromping around Trinity College or out hillwalking (a popular form of hiking throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom), bring your wellies — you can expect some rain. Wellies, in case you weren’t sure, are an Irish version of pullover rain boots (think galoshes). This is just one of the many Irish terms you’re bound to pick up during your 15-week stay.

As a Freshman Frontiers participant, you’ll still attend Drexel’s New Student Orientation in July with the rest of the year’s incoming freshmen, so when you return to Drexel you’ll see plenty of familiar faces. And while the other freshmen are exploring Philadelphia, you’ll be off discovering the quirks and character of Dublin. Philly will be waiting. And who knows? After Dublin, you might even have a new perspective on urban exploration.

To see how this whole thing works, and for more information on what to expect, check out our Freshman Frontiers: First Term in Dublin website. Applications for the program are due March 1, and you can apply for this program before you’ve received an acceptance for admission to Drexel, so don’t wait.

January 7, 2013

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