Drexel Green

A Commitment Towards a More Sustainable Community

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Drexel Green Links & Resources

Looking for ways to adopt sustainable principles into your everyday life? Want to know more about what Drexel is doing to honor its commitment to sustainability? Look no further. On these pages, you will find useful tips, strategies, links, and other information about Drexel’s sustainability initiatives, steps you can take to go green, and local, national, and international partnerships for a sustainable future.

MyGreenCube Engagement Initiative


Improving Our Environment One Person at a Time
My Green Cube™ is an engaging tool that makes going green simple and fun. Developed by Drexel University, the Cube is designed to:

  • Teach and reinforce Green concepts to children and students with a fun method.
    • Structure lessons on each of the five tenets with a wealth of information and activities geared toward helping students understand the real-world implications and importance of being a sustainable citizen.
  • Engage individuals and promote green efforts through events and programs.
    • Each side of the cube provides a theme for organizing activities planned around sporting events, school events, community festivals, or state fairs.
  • Provide a simple reminder that all individuals can make a difference.
    • The surfaces of the cube correspond to the five major focus areas of Drexel Green and the Go Green! Pledge: Efficiency, Recycling, Reduction, Re-Use, and Education.

The Goals of the My Green Cube Engagement Initiative are:

  1. Promote nationwide individual engagement in Green initiatives that positively impact the environment.
  2. Encourage individual-level, daily, environmentally responsible choices for improving the Earth's health.
  3. Use simple, effective, fun tools to teach and reinforce "Green Concepts" to people of all ages.
  4. Utilize My Green Cube Engagement Events as a platform to market and disseminate additional Green/Sustainability practices, resources, and initiatives.
  5. Build a community of active, environmentally responsible individuals collectively working to bring about major improvements in the Earth's health.

My Green Cube was recognized by Penn Future’s Green Power Awards for engaging individuals to make environmentally responsible choices, as well as learn about and change what kind of energy they use and how they use it.

Learn more about My Green Cube at mygreencube.org.