Drexel Green

A Commitment Towards a More Sustainable Community

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Water Reduction Initiative

During the winter of 2007, Drexel embarked on reducing water consumption by installing restricted-flow shower heads and aerators in all facilities across campus, which immediately starting showing significant reductions in water consumption. These highly effective water conservation efforts demonstrated two simple and fairly inexpensive steps that can be taken to save water.

Drexel has taken additional measures to reduce water consumption, which include the campus-wide installation of a Rain Bird irrigation system which measures the moisture in the soil to activate zoned sprinklers without the use of automatic timers; and the treatment and reuse of rainwater for flushing toilets in the new Recreation Center.

To date, the University’s efforts have demonstrated 42% July 2009 vs. July 2007 reduction in water use.

Drexel University Water Consumption Chart

Drexel University Water Consumption
ccf FY08 ccf FY09 ccf FY10 % change to FY08 % change to FY09
July 20,393 14,294 12,040 -41% -16%
August 16,040 16,396 14,599 -9% -11%
September 13,856 13,335 11,648 -16% -13%
October 15,363 15,461 13,417 -13% -13%
November 18,617 19,096 11,500 -38% -36%
December 13,873 9,849 13,291 -4% 35%
January 11,559 12,410 7,327 -37% -41%
February 14,405 13,448 n/a n/a
March 13,071 9,534 n/a n/a
April 10,962 9,740 n/a n/a
May 16,166 22,125 n/a n/a
June 18,409 13,796 n/a n/a
YTD 182,714 168,484 83,822
Variance 14,230
Percentage 7.8%
Average 15,226 14,040 11,975

Drexel's campus-wide adoption of Green initiatives has brought increasing awareness to the benefits of water reduction. To show how water touches on every aspect of human life and culture, Drexel has also hosted a screening of the film "One Water".