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A Commitment Towards a More Sustainable Community

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Hydration Stations

Hydration Station

In December 2008, the Drexel Sustainability Council requested the formation of a Water Wise Subcommittee to explore ways to reduce or eliminate plastic water bottles on campus. In a March 2009 report, the subcommittee estimated that the Drexel community consumed more than 151,000 bottles of water from Deer Park deliveries, Coke vending machines and Sodexho catering during the 2008 calendar year alone, and that did not take into account other sources and other beverages consumed from disposable plastic bottles. Bottles that aren't recycled and end up in a landfill can take an estimated 450 years to decompose, the report noted.

Drexel students and the Undergraduate Student Government Association asked the University to seek ways of reducing water bottle usage on campus. In response, the University ordered 5 Hydration Stations in late 2009 to provide a convenient way for members of the Drexel community to refill reusable containers with fresh, filtered drinking water. The USGA purchased water bottles for use at the Hydration Stations and distributed them in spring 2010.

The first wave of Hydration Stations, installed in early 2010, were single, automatic, touch-free units that dispense filtered water into a reusable bottle, glass, or other container. Later, Drexel began installing dual Water Fountain/Hydration Stations, which include both a traditional drinking fountain and a push-button Hydration Station for refilling containers. To date, these dual stations alone have dispensed nearly 30,000 gallons of water to members of the Drexel community.


  • Armory: Main Gym floor, next to bathrooms
  • Bossone Building: 1st floor
  • Buckley Field, near 33rd and Arch Streets: 2 stations
  • Buckley Green: in front of volleyball courts
  • Creese Student Center: Basement Level, 1st floor
  • Daskalakis Athletic Center: Main Gym South, Staircase Lobby, Center Gym Staircase Lobby, Lower Level Pool Deck, Basement Level
  • General Services Building: 1st floor
  • Handschumacher Dining Center: 2 stations
  • Kelly Hall: 1st floor
  • MacAlister Hall: 1st floor, 2nd floor
  • Main Building: 1st floor, 2nd floor Room 212
  • Myers Hall: 1st floor
  • New College Building: 1st floor
  • Papadakis Integrated Science Building: 1st floor and Seasons Restaurant
  • Paul Peck PSRC (Academic Building): 1st floor
  • Queen Lane: 1st floor (2 stations)
  • Recreation Center: 2nd floor, 3rd floor
  • Stratton Hall: 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor
  • URBN Center: Basement level (2 stations), 2nd floor (2 stations), 3rd floor, 4th floor (2 stations)
  • URBN Center Annex: 1st floor
  • Vidas Athletic Complex
  • W.W. Hagerty Library: 1st floor