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Public Transportation


If you are looking to get somewhere fast, public transportation is a great alternative. SEPTA offers a variety of transit services, including buses, trolleys, trackless trolleys, subways and Regional Rail, that are sure to get you where you need to go. Jump on board and get ready to enjoy all that Philadelphia has to offer.

SEPTA ComPass Discount Program

The ComPass Discount Program is a subsidized discount program available to currently enrolled Drexel full-time students, providing a 10% discount on monthly Trail and TransPasses. You can access the discount program by:

  • Logging into DrexelOne
  • Clicking on your “Student” tab
  • Scroll down to the channel “Housing and Commuting”
  • Click on the “SEPTA Compass Discount Program” link
  • You can the select the monthly pass you need and pay for your pass online.

Please keep in mind that in order to receive the 10% discount, you need to purchase your SEPTA monthly pass through Drexel 2 months in advance, i.e. by August 22, 2014 (the 4th Monday of the month) I will need to have purchased by monthly pass for October, 2014. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

For more information on the SEPTA Compass discount program, purchasing dates and refunds, visit the Drexel SEPTA Compass Information Page.

Convenient SEPTA Routes to Campus

Market-Frankford Line
The Market-Frankford Line, popularly known as the Blue Line, or the El, is a subway line that runs east and west along Market Street. The El is an easy way for Drexel students to get to Center City or further into West Philly. The El has two convenient stops for Drexel students on the University City Campus: 34th and Market and on 30th and Market. For Center City Students, students can take the El to suburban station.

Broad Street Line
The Broad Street Line, also known as the Orange Line, is a subway line that runs north and south along Broad Street. This subway route is a fast and convenient way to check out any one of Philadelphia’s major sports teams at the Sports Complex in South Philly or to hit some of the major shopping districts toward North Philly. For Center City students, the Orange line makes stops at Market and Spring Garden as well as Market and Vine streets. For both University City and Center City students, the Orange line also has a free transfer at Suburban Station to the Market-Frankford Line.

Trolleys & Buses
If you are looking to head somewhere else in the city, or into one of the surrounding Philadelphia Suburbs, you may want to check out one of the many trolley, bus routes to get you where you need to go. Going east, all trolleys lead to Rome, or in this case Center City. It does not matter what trolley you take if you are heading east into Center City. The trolley stop on the University City campus is at 33rd and Market, while Center City students can take the trolley to Suburban Station or 13th and Juniper streets.

The 21 and 42 bus routes head into Center City going east along Chestnut, and return to West Philadelphia on Walnut.

Regional Rail

Students taking regional rail in from the suburbs should pay attention to the zone number from which they are commuting. On the train schedule next to each stop is a zone number that corresponds to each stop on that route. Please buy a train ticket or trans/trail pass that corresponds to that number. Day and evening fares may vary as well.

General SEPTA information

Schedules, maps, fares and alerts for all forms of SEPTA transportation can be found at

The following links may also be of help to you in navigating SEPTA:

New Jersey Transit

With NJ Transit, commuting to and from Jersey can be a breeze. For more information on NJ Transit, please visit

NJ Transit Student Discount

NJ Transit also provides a 25% discount to all full time graduate and undergraduate students on their monthly passes. The NJ Transit discount can be accessed by:

  • Logging into DrexelOne
  • Clicking on your “Student” tab
  • Scroll down to the channel “Housing and Commuting”
  • Click on the “MJ Transit Quik Tik” link
  • You can the select the monthly pass you need and pay for your pass online.
Please keep in mind the purchasing calendar for NJ Transit. Your monthly pass must be purchased by the 10th of the month prior to the monthly you need, i.e. by October 10th I will need to have purchased by monthly pass for November.
For more information on the NJ Transit discount program, visit the Drexel NJ Transit Information Page


The PATCO (Port Authority Transit Corporation) Speedline serves south New Jersey with 9 rail stops between Lindenwold and City Hall in Camden, NJ. You can also take PATCO to 4 Philadelphia Rail Stops allowing you to transfer to the SEPTA Market-Frankford Link at 8th and Market. For more information on PATCO train schedules and fairs, please visit: Visit the Commuter and Transfer Engagement Office in the Student Organization to receive a coupon for a free Freedom Card.

PATCO and SEPTA Transfer

PATCO and SEPTA have separate fare instruments and policies. However, riders can save money and time by purchasing a reduced-fare, round-trip SEPTA ticket from any FREEDOM automated vending machine in New Jersey PATCO stations.
The SEPTA ticket is printed in two portions, one for each trip. The first portion must be used on SEPTA within 60 minutes of being purchased. The second portion of the ticket remains valid for up to 24 hours. Time restrictions are not valid on weekends or major holidays. For additional PATCO information, visit


If you are looking to travel to New York or even California, then you should check out Philadelphia’s Amtrak station. Amtrak trains run daily from 30th Street station which is just blocks from Drexel’s campus. For more information on Amtrak, please visit: For Student discount information, please visit:   

Drexel Shuttle Services

Do you have someplace to go, but no money to get there? If so, consider one of Drexel's Shuttle Services to get you to where you need to go. The University offers three different shuttle routes that are free of charge to all Drexel students. Drexel also has a great partnership with University of Pennsylvania that will allow you to use their services too! All you need to ride is show your DragonCard.

For more information, maps of the routes and specific departure times, please visit

Ride Share Services


Ridaroo, a company founded by Drexel graduates, provides students commuting to campus and to co-op, the opportunity to share rides to and from campus or work. This is a great way to reduce your carbon foot print, while economically commuting and meeting new friends.

Ridaroo is fully integrated with facebook and twitter so you can find out more about the people riding with you to and from campus/work. Plus, ridaroo can give you the opportunity to connect with other college students in Philadelphia to share rides as well.

To find out more about Ridaroo and to register, please go to: .

Enterprise CarShare

Enterprise CarShare is expanding its program in University City with the addition of new Chevy Volt extended range vehicles and pod locations, as well as special discounted rates through a partnership with Drexel University. Two Volts were added at a new pod location at 33rd and Cherry Streets, and an existing pod at 34th and Market Streets will add another vehicle.

As part of the partnership with Drexel, Enterprise CarShare will waive the $25 application fee and offer discounts on yearly plans for all student, faculty and professional staff participants at Drexel, and free business accounts for any University department or group.
To view more detailed information or to register visit the Enterprise CarShare website.


Drexel has partnered with Zipcar, Inc., the world’s leading car-sharing network, to offer a Zipcar car-sharing program on campus. The cost-effective and convenient transportation option is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all students ages 18 and older, as well as faculty and professional staff members.

Drexel members pay a $35 annual fee, and rates on campus Zipcar vehicles start as low as $7 per hour and $69 per day. Gas, insurance, reserved parking spots, up to 180 miles of driving per day and roadside assistance are included in the hourly and daily Zipcar rates. Cars can be reserved for as little as an hour or for multiple days. Drexel students, faculty and staff can join on the Zipcar website.


Drexel University Parking Services

Drexel Parking Services offers a variety of options to choose from for your parking needs. DPS works to best the needs of students; anything from term passes to daily parking rates.

To find out more information about the location of Drexel parking lots, pricing and how to sign-up for parking, please

As a note, you can park in the Drexel Parking Garage at a daily rate of $13.00. Please pay at the kiosks located in the Parking Garage Lobby.

Campus Park and Ride

Located at 16th and Warfield in the Graduate Hospital Neighborhood of Philadelphia, the Campus Park and Ride of affordable daily and monthly parking deals, as well as, a shuttle to take you to the University City campus. For more information and pricing, visit:

Parkway and PPA

Parkway offers monthly parking rates at the following lots:
University City
33rd and Ludlow
34th and Chestnut
34th and Market
36th and Market
37th and Filbert
38th and Filbert
39th and Market

Center City
14th and Race
15th and Cherry
15th and Spring St. (PPA)

Parking on the Local Streets

Here at Drexel not only do we have parking garages and lots but we also have a multitude of ways and places you can park on the street; from directly on campus and continuing all the way into Powelton Village. Both purchased and free options are available.

  • When directly on main campus from starting from Chestnut St. and ending on Race Street South to North and from 32nd to 34th you will find a large number of parking kiosks an updated version of meters. More information about the exact location and prices can be found on the Philadelphia Parking Authority’s Website.
  • Once you pass over Race Street going towards Powelton Village you will begin to encounter what’s known as 2HR parking from 6am-6pm/ permit parking. It is considered both of these because once you get into this area of University City it becomes residential, that means that if you are a Resident of the area you must obtain a parking permit from the Philadelphia Parking Authority in order to not have to abide by the 2hr parking limit which results in tickets if your car is there past the time limit. Residents can obtain these permits from the PPA website.
  • If you drive further into Powelton Village towards Mantua approximately past Hamilton St. you will begin to find non-limited parking. This means that there is no time limit to parking in these areas. However students parking here should be aware that this area is also residential and they are expected to be respectful of residents parking in front of their homes.


Drexel Bike Share

Drexel Bike Share is open to all students and employees with a valid Drexel University ID and in good standing with the University. There is no rental fee to use a Drexel Bike Share bike. The general share time is 2days or 1 weekend. All Bike Share equipment is picked up from the Bike Share Hub at the Drexel Parking Services Garage Office (33rd and Market Streets). Please visit the Drexel Bike Share website for more information.

Bike Registration

All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to register their bikes with Drexel Public Safety. The goals of this program are to heighten awareness in the University community, deter would-be thieves, and provide law enforcement with valuable crime-solving information.

This free program takes only a few minutes to complete and includes:
  • Documentation of bike description, serial number, and owner information
  • Engraving your bike with a registration number
  • A registration program sticker applied to your bike
  • An information booklet

Bike registration can be completed at 118 North 34th Street. For more information, call 215-895-1550. Be sure to lock your bike appropriately with a ULock device.

Bicycle Policies

By statute, a bicycle is a vehicle and cyclists must obey all traffic laws. Anyone using a bicycle shall do so in a safe manner and always yield the right of way to pedestrians.
  • Bicycles shall be operated at a reasonable, safe, and prudent speed at all times.
  • Cyclists are required to use designated bike racks for parking.
  • Bicycles may not be parked or stored blocking building entrances or exits, stairways or pedestrian walkways.
  • Bicycles may not be parked or stored in hallways, stairways or public areas in University buildings.
  • Bicycles may not be parked or stored inside any Drexel University building unless the area is specifically designated for such storage and/or approved by the office of Fire & Life Safety.

Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition

The Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition provides bikers with a opportunities to get involved with riding groups, safety information, biking events and much more! Please check out this very resource filled website.

How to Lock Your Bike

The Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition hosts great information on their website about safety. One of the greatest challenges for Philadelphia bikers is keeping their bike. The Coalition hosts the below video on their website, which focuses on how to correctly lock your bike.

Watch Hal (a bike mechanic) and Kerri as they tour Philadelphia and rate how bikers have secured their bikes.Please watch this video on making the grade in locking you bike.

Where can I get gas near campus?

  • 2201 Walnut Street - Sunoco
  • 2201 Spring Garden Street - Linnett Gulf Service Station
  • 4636 Chestnut Street - Hess
  • 4500 Baltimore Ave - Sunoco
  • 49th & Market Streets - Thomas’s Service Station

Have a flat!? – Bike Pump Available at Creese Student Center