Say Hello to Kelly Joyce

December 9, 2013 — Kelly Joyce, PhD, was lured to Drexel in the fall of 2012 to help build the master’s program in science, technology and society (STS). Instead, she went above and beyond and expanded the program into the College’s latest academic center. Now juggling the roles of professor, associate dean and director, Joyce shares what attracted her to Drexel and to her field of work.

Kelly Joyce, PhD

Kelly Joyce, PhD

Kelly Joyce, PhD

Associate Dean, Humanities and Social Science Research
Professor & Director, Center for Science, Technology and Society

Q: What brought you to Drexel?
I came here because I admire the University’s support of cross-disciplinary scholarship and out-of-the-box thinkers. Drexel is nimble, eclectic, creative, community-centered and transformative. This is a place where innovative research can thrive. The commitment to excellence in research and teaching, and in cultivating strong community ties with the surrounding neighborhoods, is electrifying.

Q: What are your research interests?
My research investigates the cultural and institutional dimensions of medicine, science and technology. Previously, I conducted a sociological analysis of MRI technology and studied issues related to aging, science and technology, promoting the idea of ‘technogenarians’ to highlight how old people creatively work with technologies that are often not designed with aging bodies in mind.

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