Maia An, 2014

Master's Project: The framework for the medical technology management in the Kyrgyz Republic

Antonis James Asprakis, 2012

Master's Thesis: The Inconvenient Truth in Boundary Negotiations and Public Participation in the Production of Scientific and Technological Knowledge
Current Position: Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives, Drexel University

Agyeman Siriboe Boateng, 2006

Master's Thesis: Viceroys of Difference: Minority Engineering Programs in the Mid-Atlantic
Current Position: Research Analyst, West Los Angeles College

Jennifer Britton, 2006

Master's Thesis: Improvising the Suburban Landscape: Building Public Space at Greengate Mall
Current Position: Launch Director, Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships, Drexel University

Dennis J. Callahan, 2006

Master's Thesis: The Intersection of Science and Race: Personnel Testing in the Bell System in the late 1960s and early 1970s
Current Position: Assistant Registrar, Academic Services, Drexel University

Jennifer Dolci, 2007

Master's Thesis: The Science of Compassion: Philanthropy and Medicine in Hospitals
Current Position: Associate Director, Annual Fund and Donor Relations, Thomas Edison State College

Justin Gero, 2010

Master’s Thesis: "The Philadelphia AIDS Epidemic Public Health and Policy in an American Community, 1981 to 1996"
Current Position: Communications Coordinator, Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

Sarah Amanda Gregg, 2009

Master's Thesis: Environmental Consciousness and Climate Change a Multi-faceted Solution for a Multi-faceted Problem
Current Position: Nurse Tech, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Michael Jeffers, 2014

Master's Project:  Military Uses of Human Enhancements
Current Position: PhD Candidate, York University, Toronto, Science Technology and Society

Joseph Kirigwajjo, 2012

Master's Project: The Extension of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) from Urban to Rural Settings: ICT in Masaka Court System [1962-2011]
Current Position: System Administrator in charge of Security, Back-ups, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for the Courts of Judicature, Kampala, Uganda

Max Kramer, 2012

Master's Project: In Apollo’s Wake: A Look at the Changing Nature of the United States Space Program in the Post-Apollo era

Philip Gregory Louridas, 2005

Master's Thesis: Super Service: A History of Automobile Repair Franchising Since 1956
Current Position: Manager, Compensation, Williams-Sonoma

Donna M. Loyle, 2005

Master's Thesis: Building the ARPANET: How IPTO Gathered a Research Community and the Drivers that Shaped Its Mission
Current Position: Editor, Bioengineering Department, University of Pennsylvania

Michael J. Lynch, 2008

Master's Thesis: CivilWorld: An Automated Instrument of Social Engineering
Current Position: Regional Solutions Consultant, Sunquest Information Systems

Sean Fitzgerald McCallum, 2007

Master's Thesis: From Gun to Briefcase: The Rise of the Private Military Firm 1990-2007
Current Position: Stagehand, Michael Andrews Audio Visual Services, Brooklyn, NY

Zen D.H. McManus, 2007

Master's Thesis: A Comparative Study of the Hurricane Disasters in 1965 and 2005 in New Orleans
Current Position: Project Coordinator, The Aurelius Group

Karen Frances Miller, 2010

Master's Thesis: Impact of Historical Preservation on the Free Library of Philadelphia: Its Neighborhoods and Communities
Current Position: Fulbright to study in Turkey

Maureen Muncy, 2014

Master's Project: Science, Technology & Society and Education Reform
Current Position: Biological Critical Reagents Scientist at Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories

Steve O'Connor, 2013

Master's Thesis: Access to Healthy Food in Philadelphia Neighborhoods: How Corner Stores Impact Food Choices

Diana Michelle Owens, 2006

Master's Thesis: Costa Rican Sovereignty and Development in the Shadow of the Central American - Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA): Strategic Adoptions of Technology in a Globalizing Economy
Current Position: Director of Education and Safety, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Laura Oxenfeld, 2014

Master's Project: Capital Dynamics and Innovation in Makerspaces
Current Position: Founder of Capital Connect

Simone Schlichting, 2002

Master’s Thesis: Immunization: The Culture of Preventative Care
After earning the Master’s degree, Simone went on to earn an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at University of Pennsylvania in 2009. Dr. Schlichting-Artur’s dissertation is titled Learning to Listen: Pursuing Leadership Strategies for Achieving Multiculturalism in Educational Administrative Work Environments.
Current Position: Teaching Professor, Department of Global Studies and Modern Languages, Drexel University

Sanya S. Sharma, 2006

Master's Thesis: Women's Needs, Women's Actions: Toilet Development in Urban and Rural Communities of India
Current Position: Program Director, Aresty Institute of Executive Education, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Elizabeth Aimee St. Clair, 2006

Master's Thesis: Digital Inclusion: Using Technology to Build and Unify Urban Communities
Current Position: IT Consultant, Greater Philadelphia Area & Chester

Katharine A. Travaline, 2008

Master's Thesis: Urban Agriculture: Enhancing Food Democracy in Philadelphia
After earning the Master's degree, Katherine went on to earn a Ph.D. in Environmental Policy at Drexel University in 2012. Dr. Travaline's dissertation is titled "We Cannot Do It Alone:" An Interpretive Policy Analysis of Urban Stormwater Governance.
Current Position: Assistant Teaching Professor, Department of History and Politics, Drexel University

Sonia Chhibber Williams, 2008

Master's Thesis: Bodies in Pain: An Examination of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome