About the Center for Science, Technology & Society (STS)

Drexel’s Center for Science, Technology & Society brings together faculty and students who investigate how cultural, economic, historical, and political contexts influence science, technology, and medicine, and how science, technology, and medicine influence these contexts. Faculty in anthropology, criminal justice, history, information sciences, philosophy, political science, public health, and sociology conduct original research on the impact of new technologies and scientific knowledge. They also investigate why some technologies or scientific knowledge get adopted while others do not.

Degrees Offered

Master's Degree in STS
Accelerated BA/BS/MS Degree in STS

Working with the Center for Public Policy, the STS Center also offers a Master's Degree in Environmental Policy.

What can you do with an STS degree?

Prospective students may ask what can be done with a STS degree. To see the range of career paths taken by STS graduate students, check out our alumni. Among other things, STS graduates have gone on to do the following:

  • Conduct original research. Many of our alumni have gone on to earn their PhDs and pursue careers conducting original research and teaching.
  • Write. Building on the emphasis on writing in the STS program, some STS alums pursue writing careers, producing books, book chapters, articles, essays and/or speeches.
  • Work in universities. STS alumni work in a range of educational settings, providing leadership in areas such as community engagement, sustainability and the public understanding of science and technology.
  • Work in nonprofit organizations. STS students get excellent training in designing and implementing research projects. This skill set is invaluable in nonprofit settings where professionals are asked to conduct original social science research on pressing social challenges.
  • Work in technology or online. STS alums have gone on to work in IT and other technology-related companies, bringing their expertise in the social dimensions of technology to the workplace.
  • Start a startup. STS alums are creative, independent thinkers. Drawing on a desire to address contemporary social issues in an innovative manner, some STS alums create startup companies specializing in fields related to medicine and health, technology, and environmental issues.
  • Work in healthcare. Some STS alums go on to work in healthcare settings, where they bring their knowledge about the ethical, cultural and social dimensions of health, science and well-being to bear.

STS Professional Organizations