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Strategic Plan Implementation - Task Force Membership and Areas of Focus

Strategic Initiative 1 – Invest in Academic Excellence

Sr. Leader – M. Greenberg

Initiative 1, Subgroup A: Student Academic Experience
Subgroup A Leaders: J. Biros/L. Scheffer
(Staff – Antonis Asprakis)

Implementation Task Force: J. Fleetwood, S. Aldridge, F. Cornelius, D. DeCarolis, J. DiNardo, S. DiPietro, A. Fontecchio, P. Franks, J. Johnson-Kebea, D. Nitecki, H. Perez, D. Ruben, M. Scheuermann, J. Spanier. 
a. Infuse Drexel Student Learning Priorities across curriculum and in Co-op
b. Foster curricular flexibility
c. Focus on experiential education including civic engagement and Co-op
d. Enhance learning for online and hybrid students
e. Develop curricula to support student and faculty enterprises
f. Direct financial investment toward academic priorities

Initiative 1, Subgroup B: Student Academic Services
Subgroup B Leaders: J. DiNardo/A. Bosio/D. Saar
(Staff – Antonis Asprakis)

Implementation Task Force: J. Fleetwood, S. Aldridge, D. Ascarelli, J. Biros, R. Bishop, K. DeVose, E. Finn, P. Franks, M. Freeman, F. Linnehan, K. Matuch, M. Moran, B. Posmontier, D. Ruth, A. Torres.

a. Integrate student academic services, such as advising
b. Explore change from quarters to semesters
c. Foster “One University” by creating collaborative, effective, efficient means to support education

Initiative 1, Subgroup C: Faculty & Professional Staff Development & Engagement
Subgroup C Leaders: J. DiNardo/F. Linnehan/N. Stein
(Staff – Antonis Asprakis)

Implementation Task Force: J. Fleetwood, A. Aghayere, L Bellardine, H. Benson, J. Biros, P. Frisko, B. Hornum, M. Moran, K. Nulton, T. Richardson, M. Scheuermann.

a. Engage faculty as intellectual leaders, develop mentorship programs and engage faculty in reinvigorated leadership programs
b. Develop a strategic hiring process and hire 100 new faculty
c. Engage current faculty in cultivating, helping identify, and recruiting top candidates and clusters not just in their disciplines, but strategically and across disciplines.
d. Connect faculty through online, searchable database of expertise
e. Support faculty and professional staff equity and diversity in recruitment, retention, and advancement
f. Assess performance of faculty and professional staff
g. Focus on work-life balance for faculty and professional staff
h. Support fund raising for faculty endowed positions and educational resources (equipment, labs, classrooms, office space, graduate assistants, etc.)

Strategic Initiative 2 – Intensify and Improve Student Experience

Sr. Leaders – H. Bowman/J. Tucker/J. Breaux

(Staff - Irene Tsikitas)

Implementation Task Force: J. Fleetwood, S. Anandan, R. Buchalter, J. Eberly, M. Freeman, K. Lacovara, R. LaRue, D. Marenda, J. Mathew, K. Matuch, D. McEachron, D. Nitecki, T. Rodriguez, M. Rovinsky-Mayer, D. Ruth, J. Seaman, M. Shurbaji.

a. Invest in student body
b. Re-imagine residential life, athletics, recreation 
c. Improve budget model
d. Improve operational processes
e. Support “One University” by improving the student experience for all Drexel students

Strategic Initiative 3 – Enhance Drexel’s Global Impact

Sr. Leaders – D. Schidlow/J. Mostov/P. Franks

(Staff – Antonis Asprakis)

Implementation Task Force: J. Fleetwood, J. Bradt, W. Burdick, T. Diaz, J. DiNardo, L. Forristal, B. Furrow, Y. Gogotsi, B. Hoekje, S. Marquez, D. Murasko, S. Schlichting-Artur, B. Smith, W. Sun, R. Weidensaul.

a. Transform into hub of excellence
b. Grow global experiential learning, especially in Co-op
c. Develop global research platforms
d. Develop Faculty Collaborations in global knowledge production
e. Support “One University” by enhancing Drexel’s global impact across all units
f. Support cultural competency

Strategic Initiative 4 - Create an Innovation Nexus

Sr. Leaders – M. Greenberg/D. Crawford/M. Exler/R. Cairncross

(Staff – Antonis Asprakis)

Implementation Task Force: J. Fleetwood, H. Bowman, D. DeCarolis, D. Fenske, C. Hunold, M. Marcolongo, R. McGrath, B. Onaral, K. Orris, T. Raynor, K. Risi, S. Rocheleau, K. Simansky, J. Tucker, D. Turner, D. Velinsky, K. Williams, J. Zabinski.

a. Improve Drexel’s national position in research
b. Build translational research, innovation, entrepreneurship
c. Create an Office of Corporate Partnerships 
d. Establish Drexel Ventures
e. Integrate undergraduate research into curriculum 
f. Advance multi-disciplinary initiatives that support collaborations and the goal of “One University”

Strategic Initiative 5 – Develop Transportation Hub-Based District

Sr. Leaders – J. Tucker/B. Keech/D. DeCarolis/T. Kurzweg

(Staff – Irene Tsikitas)

Implementation Task Force: J. Fleetwood, J. Biros, J. Campbell, J. Coddington, R. Francis, D. Gefen, L. Kerman, F. Montalto, J. Mossey, K. Orris, T. Richardson, M. Sheller, R. Stokes, N. Trainer.

a. Implement campus Master Plan and create an attractive front door
b. Redevelop the Superblock
c. Create well-designed campus
d. Become most civically engaged university via neighborhood initiatives
e. Foster “One University” through the hub-based district
f. Expand academic reputation through affiliations
g. Support diversity as a value through the development of the hub-based district

Strategic Initiative 6 – Enrollment and Academic Success

Sr. Leaders – R. Martinelli/D. Murasko/K. Moxon

(Staff – Antonis Asprakis)

Implementation Task Force: M. Greenberg, J. Fleetwood, S. Aldridge, J. Biros, G. Donnelly, L. Doyle, M. Freeman, P. Jensen, E. Koku, T. Torres, C. Turner.

a. Grow enrollment commensurate with student demand and academic capacity 
b. Develop E-Learning and the Drexel Network
c. Support Drexel’s historic commitment to access and academic success 
d. Expand Drexel’s academic reputation and market footprint