Equatorial Guinea

Bioko Island

Bioko Island is located in Equatorial Guinea, in Western Africa. This island has a population of 668,225 and is the largest island in the Gulf of Guinea. Two large volcanic formations are separated by a valley that bisects the island at its narrowest point. Bioko is a continental bridge island separated from Africa for the last 12,000 years and has developed a unique assemblage of plans and animals.


Bioko Island Research Project

Bioko is an 800 square mile tropical island lying 20 miles off the coast of Cameroon in West Africa's Gulf of Guinea. Its tropical rainforests and high volcanic peaks (10,000 ft.) have provided a refuge for many unusual plants and animals. Unfortunately the larger animals on the island, especially the seven species of native monkeys and the four species of nesting sea turtles, are now threatened by an unsustainable commercial bush meat market. The Wildlife Center was organized in 1998 in response to this threat and now has established programs in:

  • Research (sea turtles, primates, bush meat market dynamics)
  • Active conservation (including local forest and beach patrols and faculty involvement) to encourage protection of this wildlife

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