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Parents and Guardians

Why Should My Student Go Abroad?

Students who go abroad are often more:

  • Marketable to employers post graduation
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Sensitive, tolerant, and non-judgmental
  • Mature, independent, self-reliant
  • Confident and outgoing world travelers

Parent/Guardian Rights to Data and Communication

Drexel University adheres to the University’s policy regarding communication with parents under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: FERPA.

In keeping with University policy, Drexel University considers students to have primary responsibility for keeping their parents or guardians informed about their progress at the University including their enrollment in an international co-op program. As a result, program-related information and instructions will be sent directly to the student via his or her student email account. We encourage students to share this information with their parents or guardians.

Please review Drexel University’s FERPA policy.

Health & Safety

Steinbright is committed to ensuring that your student is prepared for his or her international co-op experience and that he or she is provided with the necessary tools while abroad. A pre-departure orientation is held at Steinbright prior to the start date of co-op, and all students going abroad are required to attend to better prepare themselves for their international experience. Such things as insurance coverage and emergency procedures are covered at this meeting.  In addition, the International Co-op Team routinely monitors State Department travel warnings and reaches out to students as necessary.

Drexel has a 24/7 emergency number: 215-895-2222

Students with Disabilities

Students who believe they require special assistance in the work place (prior to starting work) should contact Drexel University’s Office of Disability Resources to discuss options.

Health Insurance

Students must have health insurance which provides coverage outside the U.S. In some countries, especially in Europe, students may be covered by a national insurance plan, but historically there have been significant gaps in the coverage. Therefore, students should review their existing U.S. health insurance plans to determine what coverage is provided outside the U.S.

Download some questions to ask your insurance provider.

On Call Global Assistance Insurance

Drexel University has partnered with On Call, at no additional cost to students, to provide them with access to immediate support should they experience any challenges when traveling. On Call assists during critical emergencies like illness or injury that may result in an evacuation to a location that has adequate care or a threat to their safety due to a political or natural disaster event which they need to be evacuated from. They can also assist with smaller problems that students may not realize they have a resource for.

In the event of an emergency, students should go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital without delay and then contact On Call International. If they are not sure where the nearest medical facility is, they can contact On Call for a referral. On Call will take the appropriate action to assist and monitor the medical care until the situation is resolved. In the event the medical facility they are in is not adequate, On Call will pay and arrange for their medically supervised evacuation to the closest adequate facility.

All covered persons are entitled to International Assistance Services while traveling outside of the United States which includes political and natural disaster evacuation, as well as security and safety advice. If students feel unsafe or experience a direct threat to their safety, they should contact On Call immediately.  They will be connected to a security professional who will provide immediate advice to maintain safety and then assess the situation to determine appropriate next steps.


Compensation and Fees

There may be some program fees and jobs can be paid or unpaid. With our partner programs (generally agencies), program fees can cover job placement, airport pickup, housing, language training, and cultural activities. Your student is responsible for all expenses associated with his/her international experience including such items as roundtrip airfare, health insurance, accommodations, local transportation and other living expenses. In some cases, employers may assist with airfare and housing. Additionally, students are responsible for obtaining the appropriate visa which will allow them to work abroad.

All students who have been approved for international co-op, who have a minimum GPA of 2.5, and have submitted all required paperwork will be eligible for a financial award from Drexel. In addition, we encourage students to review in advance other avenues for funding such as scholarships through Drexel's fellowship office.

Before Leaving the Country

Students should make copies of:

  • Visa and passport
  • All credit cards: make sure the names, numbers and expiration dates are visible
  • Driver’s license, student ID
  • Medical insurance information
  • Airline/transportation information
  • Travel itineraries

Communication While Abroad

It is typically easy and cost effective for your student to purchase a phone while abroad and/or a local SIM card. Also, SKYPE via computer is often utilized. Students are encouraged to maintain contact with family and friends in the United States as well as the Steinbright Career Development Center throughout their time abroad.

Returning to the United States and Drexel University

Often, students need to re-adjust to their home culture after being abroad for several months. Steinbright offers information on the re-entry process that focus on re-acclimating students to campus life. This information includes topics such as reverse culture shock and career building discussions focusing on applying skills gained abroad to professional development going forward. Parents and guardians can help their students readjust to life in the United States by discussing their abroad experiences with them.


Students who are abroad are considered full-time students of Drexel University. If students wish to take courses while abroad, they can at their discretion but they should first discuss this with their academic advisors. Also, before students sign up for a course, they should consider internet connectivity, since this can vary from location to location.

Contact Information

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The Steinbright Career Development Center is open Monday – Friday (8am – 5pm EST)