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A decision to pursue a career in medicine requires determination, hard work and personal sacrifice. Students need to commit a great deal of time to their academic, research and volunteer responsibilities. The development of organizational and interpersonal skills is also a necessity. It is important that students meet with the pre-med advisor to develop a comprehensive plan that includes all of these qualities. The first step is taking the required courses and achieving solid grades.

Drexel Course Recommendations for Medical School

Please note that some medical schools have additional course requirements. Keep in mind that these course requirements are subject to change; please stay in touch with the Pre-health Coordinator to keep abreast of changes. COE students who matriculated prior to the fall of 2006 need to meet with the Pre-health Coordinator to review tDEC courses.

NOTE: If you are waived from certain courses (e.g., English or mathematics courses), they do not count toward the credits that are required. Also, some medical schools will not accept AP credit in place of actual courses. Courses completed at a four-year school are generally favored over courses from a community college.

In 2015, there will be a major revision of the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Students who will be taking the MCAT in spring of 2015 or after should also take Biochemistry (Metabolism 311), Intro to Psychology and Intro to Sociology.

Read more about preparing for MCAT2015

Bio or Non Bio Majors Biomed Engineering Majors College of Engineering Majors
Sequence A Sequence B Sequence C or B
BIO 122
Cell & Genetics
BIO 122
Cells & Genetics
BIO 141
BIO 124
Org. Diversity & Evol.
BIO 201
Physiology I
BIO 201
Physiology I
BIO 126
Physio & Ecology
BIO 203
Physiology II
BIO 203
Physiology II
  BIO 202 lab
BIO 202 lab
202 Lab
General Organic
CHEM 101 CHEM 241
CHEM 102 CHEM 242
CHEM 103 CHEM 243
  CHEM 244 Lab I
  CHEM 245 Lab II
Bio or Non Bio Majors Non-Bio Majors College of Engineering Majors
PHYS 152 PHYS 101 PHYS 101
PHYS 153 PHYS 102 PHYS 102
PHYS 154 PHYS 201 PHYS 201

Premed Resources

The action plan listed below can be used either for a four or five-year program at Drexel. If you are in a four-year program, collapse the advice from pre-junior and junior into one year.

Premed Action Plan