Board Member Information

Liaisons are the students of the SAFAC committee which make the funding decisions on how student activity fees are distributed.

SAFAC Student Organization Liaisons FY14

Click here for a list of student organizations and their respective SAFAC Liaisons

SAFAC Board 2012-2013

Tanmai Rayavarapu - SAFAC Chair
Adam Fussey - SAFAC Vice-Chair

Julie Lin
Name: Julie Lin
Year: Junior
SAFAC Position: Director of Conference Funds
Campus Involvement: Varsity Swimming and Diving Team
Fun Fact: Sometimes I will use bit the ends off of twizzlers and use it as a straw

Nicholas Ross
Name: Nicholas Ross
Year: Junior
Position on SAFAC: Director of Information Technology
Office hours: Thursday 9:00 A.M. - 10:00 A.M.
Involvement on campus: Student
Fun fact: I have skied since I could walk.

Chad Fiedler  - Liaison
Marc DeBlasio - Liaison

Tyler Brennan
Name: Tyler Brennan
Year: Freshman
Position on SAFAC: General Liaison 
Office hours: Tuesdays 11:00am-12:00pm
Involvement on campus: Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity; National Organiztion of Business and Engineering (NOBE) Member
Fun fact: I am a manager at two McDonalds' restaurants

Bridget Higgins - Liaison
Mike Sassano - Liaison
Izzy Acton- Liaison
Zack Romano - Liaison
Monishaa Saran- Liaison
Josh Settlemire- Liaison
Jinha Lee - USGA Representative
Stephanie Frank - Fraternity and Sorirty Life (FSL) Representative
Alex Miller - Club Sports Council Representative and Director of Public Relations

SAFAC Committee Phone: 215-895-1811 (Ext 1)

Office Hours

Monday 11am-Noon Julie
Tuesday 11am-Noon Tyler
Tuesday 2-4pm Tanmai
Tuessday 2-4pm Adam
Wednesday 11am-Noon Zack
Thursday 9-10am Nick
Thursday 10:15-11:15am Mike
Thursday 2-3pm Bridget
Thursday 3-4pm Marc
  Contact via email Stephanie
  Contact via email Jin
  Contact via email Alex