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Project Setup

Congratulations on your new award! When a proposal has been approved by a sponsor for support, Office of Research will usually receive notice that an award has been made or a contract is being prepared. If you, the PI, receive this notice, you must contact the Office of Research immediately to ensure that the Office of Research has also received the notice. Office of Research cannot administratively initiate the project without formal sponsor notification. Many award instruments are received which require both sponsor and University signatures before they become effective. Principal Investigators are not authorized to sign award documents on behalf of the University.

When an award document is received which requires University signature in order to be effective, it is the responsibility of the Office of Research to return signed copies to the sponsor.  Upon receipt of the fully executed documents, Office of Research will process the award. 

After the notice of award has been received, your Office of Research post award administrator will request a fund number. The post award administrator will then route the award through Office of Research for fund setup. When the fund starts to be routed for setup, the Office of Research post award administrator will notify the PI and the departmental administrator, if applicable. This e-mail will contain the research fund number, a copy of the award documents, the COEUS award notice (which is a summary of key information found in the sponsor award documents) and the award budget. Normally, a fund will be setup within 3-4 business days after it has started to route.

Once the fund has been setup for use, expenses can start being allocated to the project. If your project allows for pre-award costs or expenditures have occurred while waiting for fund setup, a Cost Transfer Form can be completed to move non-personnel expenses onto the research fund. It is also now time to complete the paperwork in order to start charging personnel to the research project. The following are useful links to use when trying to get expenditures charged to your award. If the expense or salary that you are trying to transfer onto the grant is greater than 90 days old, additional approvals and explanations are required.

Find Your Post Award Administrator

Cost Transfer Policy 

Transaction Correction Form 

Research Disbursements Guidelines

Cost Transfer Form - Over 90 Day Transfers

Information Regarding Personnel Action Forms

Salary Distribution Change Form

Research Extra Compensation Form

Advance Grant/Fund Requests

It is occasionally necessary to open and assign sponsored project grant and fund numbers in advance of receipt of the formal award notice. Use of Advance Grant and Fund Numbers may be appropriate for continuation funding or recurring annual awards, particularly those from state and local agencies, or when a sponsor allows for 90-day pre-award spending.

In order to receive an Advance Grant or Fund Number:

  1. Complete the Advance Grant and Fund Request Form, obtain all required signatures, and email it to your Pre-Award Administrator in the Office of Research. The completed form will be forwarded to the Research Accounting Services group through OR's "pre-to-post handoff" process.
  2. Ensure that the Pre-Award Office has a full copy of the proposal that was submitted to the sponsor and a completed Coeus record with all required approvals in place, including the department heads and Deans for all participating investigators.  
  3. If available, attach a copy of the sponsor's letter of intent to make the award or similar correspondence that states the approximate start date and estimated award amount. This correspondence can be an email between the Program Officer and the Principal Investigator stating that the award is coming.

Please note that for Clinical Trials and research involving animals or human subjects, only administrative expenditures are allowed on an Advance Grants/Funds.  Expenditures related to animal or human subjects must have a fully executed agreement in place in order to incur these expenses.

Please contact your Pre or Post-Award Administrator with any questions about the form or procedure.