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Awards and Recognition

Intramural Weekly Recognition

Fall 2016

Week Male Athlete Female Athlete Game of the Week Employee of the Week
1 William Aird Alexandra De Los Reyes N/A Samuel Engel 
2 Tyler Zeiders Katie Burns N/A N/A
3 Jay Patel Abby Haba Harambe’s Angels vs. 2 Goals 1 Cup

4 Aiman Aniff Omar & Abid Fadhuli Shaharin Maddie Betley Flag Football: Pretty Pink Princesses vs. Fidel Cashflow 


5 Travis Hart
Victoria Miranda
Indoor Soccer: Joint Forces vs. Bingobango

6 Tucker Colton Summer Sutton

Flag Football – Back That Pass Up vs. Gronky Tonk


7 Tejas Shaw Kylee Hirst Flag Football – Bob’s Discount Furniture vs. Harambe’s Heroes

8 Kendall Eng Ally Liptak Indoor Soccer – Joint Forces vs. Luis Suarez Ate My Hamster


Championship Game MVP’s

Male Soccer: Nghiep Hy
CoEd Soccer: Shane Metzger and Dilichukwu Chima-Nwokoma
Female Flag Football: Katherine Frank
Coed Flag Football: Reggie Gaunichaux Jr.
IFC Flag Football: Marshall Kupinski
Male Flag Football: Xavier Stanish

Championship Games of the Week:

Coed Flag Football: It Ertz When I Pee vs. Purple Cobras
Male Indoor Soccer: Joint Forces vs. VFF

Hall of Fame

Flag Football | Volleyball | Basketball | Floor Hockey | Soccer | Softball | Beach Volleyball | Billiards

Flag Football Champions

  Male Female Coed
Elite Raider Delta Zeta
We Won Last Year, Goodluck
Pretty Pink Princesses
Phi Mu
Pretty Pink Princesses
Phi Mu
2013 DragSwag Phi Mu Sigma Phi Mu
2012 -
2011 Duck or Bleed Phi Sigma Sigma Two-Wheel Tricycle
2010 The Oreos Secret Stuff Team Stepdads
2009 New Era - Chirates
2008 Squad-D Delta Zeta Pike/Phi Sig
2007 Squad-D Ninja Turtles Alpha
2006 Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Sigma Sigma A Phi D
2005 City Sixers T & C T & C
2004 Adjust & Dominate Usual Suspects Goonies
2003 NPA Usual Suspects Trick or Treat
2002 Shockers One Trick or Treat
2001 #1 Stunnas Seconds Late Lyzie's Squad
2000 Decepticons Hang & Turf Kickin' Astroturf
1999 Snipers Ruggers Bonnie & Clyde
1998 Iron Men - Sugar N Spice

Volleyball Champions

  Male Female Coed
Full Yoda - Unprotected Sets
Pretty Pink Princesses
Phi Mu
2013 Unprotected Sets - Practice Safe Sets
2012 Pi Ep - Woo Tang Crush
2011 Pike - Pike & D Phi E
2010 Pike D Phi E Pike & D Phi E
2009 Pike Phi Sig Manhattan Transfer
2008 Spooners Van R Natural BK
2007 Pike S Six Game Savers
2006 Pike Outsiderz Numbers
2005 This Year's Champ Outsiderz Golden Sweat
2004 Chris Hughes WC Sand Alphabet Soup
2003 FAY 7 Aces CSand
2002 Pike Queens Caruso
2001 FBD's - BA's
2000 Samson - Team Rich
1999 Cleveland Psychos A Team
1998 Money Spikers M3

Basketball Champions

  Male Female Coed
Pretty Pink Princesses Delta Zeta We Won Last Year, Goodluck!
2014 Sprechen sie Dirk DUWOSOC Old Guys
2013 The Abusement Park DUWOSOC Shut Up Bolivia
2012 The Abusement Park DUWOSOC Papi's Socer Boricuas
2011 We Not Me DUWOSOC Ladies & Gentlemen
2010 The Abusement Park A-List Team Toronidis
2009 Team Dugan Team Toronidis Team Repeat
2008 Business 3 Fish Flopping Team Jenson
2007 Business 2 Dream Girls Back 2 Basics
2006 Business Staff Drexel's Finest
2005 Ruckus Jess's Team Market St. Bullies
2004 Unknowns Usual Suspects Cavaliers
2003 Hoops Usual Suspects White Chocolate
2002 Superugly This Is It TA
2001 Gladiators MC's Twilight Zone
2000 Real Dragons Team McIntosh Bonnie & Clyde
1999 10-10-333 Killa Beez Untouchables

Floor Hockey Champions

  Male Female Coed
2014 - - The Maine Event II
2013 The Maine Event II - The Maine Spooners
2012 Spooners - Spooners
2011 Spooners Spoonettes Spooners
2010 The Doodlers Spoonettes Spooners
2009 Spooners Spoonettes Spooners
2008 Vinegar - Spooners
2007 Pike Spuds Team Alex
2006 Lambda Chi Women on Top Unknowns
2005 Lambda Chi Team Gina Unknowns
2004 Team Turmoli Team Gina Unknowns
2003 Five Hole Team Gina Unknowns
2002 Gang Green BWOC Wizards
2001 Top Shelf Pink Panthers Officers

Soccer Champions

  Male Female Coed
Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat  -
Chilean Whales
Pretty Pink Princesses
Phi Mu
2013 Pi Ep Delta Phi Epsilon Pink Robots
2012 Microondas De Jesus Delta Zeta Pheasants
2011 Los Grinos Awkward Unicorns Team Stepdads
2010 The Therapists Phi Mu Team Eric Meyer
2009 B-Lite Team 3 B-Lite
2008 Floyd Mayweather Phi Mu FC Barcelona
2007 Crumbs Women's Rugby ACI
2006 Crumbs Women's Rugby The Therapists
2005 TKE Ruggers TKE/Phi Mu
2004 AC International 8th Wonder MB United
2003 Fatties Divas Bags
2002 Black Stars B-Vers Maestros
2001 Stranieri B-Vers Wild Stallions
2000 Stranieri - Stars
1999 Barrabbas - Phi Eta Sigma

Softball Champions

  Male Female Coed
Roll Tide
Berlin Gypsies
2013 Apple Pi Ep - I'd Hit That
2012 - - -
2011 Roll Tide - Master Blasters
2010 Predators No Glove, No Love Spooners
2009 Team C's - Goon Squad
2008 Boys 2 Men - Spooners
2007 TKE - Casual K's
2006 TKE Phi Sig Belfast Bombers
2005 TKE Another Lost Cause Casual Killers
2004 Pike Unicorns Casual Killers
2003 Sandlot D Phi E Nello
2002 Optimus Lakers Good News Bears
2001 Optimus - Absolute
2000 Optimus - Good News Bears
1999 Reloaded - Swingers

Beach Volleyball Champions

  Doubles Quads
2011 The Oh-Chos -
2010 - -
2009 Sandstorm Hits & Digs
2008 Sandstorm Hurricanes
2007 Getting Rocco'd TKE
2006 Beasts From East Pass Set Crushers
2005 New York Alphabet Soup
2004 Hushovete Swingers
2003 Oppressors C3
2002 Goat FBD's
2001 Batman and Robin TBA
2000 Team Eric Hael's
1999 Team Eric Determination

Billiards Champions