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Radiologic Technology: FAQs

What is the deadline for application?
February 1 is the priority application deadline. All applications for the program are due by the deadline of May 31 of the year you are applying.

How long is the program, once I’ve been accepted?
The Radiologic Technology Program begins in the Fall Quarter of every academic year. The program is designed to run continuously over 7 quarters, for a total of 21 months.

Can I work and still go through the program?
The program is Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Any work schedule would have to accommodate these hours. Each quarter, students will carry a full course load plus clinical hour requirements and must achieve a grade of “C” or above to pass each class. Clinical work and class work cannot be changed or rescheduled to accommodate a work schedule.

If I already have a bachelor’s degree, can I finish the program in a shorter time frame?
No. The program is run on a progressive schedule that continues on a 21-month cycle.

How many students are accepted into the program?
30 students are accepted into the program each academic year.

Is there a waiting list into the program?
There is no waiting list for Radiologic Technology.

What happens if I am not accepted into the program? Can I apply again next year?
We encourage applicants to apply again for the following academic year if they were not accepted.

Why do I have to complete “compliance” for this program?
Students are required to train in clinical sites during the program. All students must comply with the compliance regulations in place at the clinical sites.

What is the cost to attend?

How much do the textbooks cost?
Radiologic Technology Students purchase one package in the beginning of the program that will contain all of the books necessary to complete the program. The package includes all e-books and hardback books needed for the program. An I-Pad will be issued to all students for the ebooks to be downloaded on to. The approximate cost is $1000 for the book bundle package. 

Radiologic Technology

Name: LaVetta Reliford, M.S.R.S. R.T.(R), A.R.R.T.
Position: Program Director
Phone: 215-553-7040

Name:  Leah Semmelhaack
Position: Academic Advisor
Phone: 215-762-8104

Associate of Science, Radiologic Technology