Admission Requirements

Invasive Cardiovascular Technology

Acceptance into the program is contingent on completion of an accredited associate's degree program (or equivalent) in medical radiography. Students who have completed a hospital training program in radiology are allowed 50 quarter units of academic credit on the basis of their registry and must complete additional courses to obtain an associate's degree before acceptance. students with simulated patient

Requirements for admission to the program include:

  • Official copy of current ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologist) certification.
  • Official copy of associate's degree completion in radiologic technology and/or science with radiologic technology.
  • Official copy of college transcripts.
  • Completion of the following courses with minimum grade of "C":
    • Anatomy & Physiology I, II, III.
    • Introduction to Computing.
    • Clinical Health Informatics.
    • English I, II, III.
    • College-Level Math.
    • Introduction to Psychology.
    • Abnormal Psychology.
  • Overall GPA of 2.50 or higher.
  • Compliance with program technical standards and immunization requirements.
  • Current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR/BLS) skills at healthcare-provider level.
  • Demonstration of competency in English reading comprehension and spoken English fluency (by TOEFL and TSE if not born in United States).