The Center for Public Policy Host Cities and Climate Change: Lecture Series

January 24, 2014 — The Center for Public Policy is sponsoring a unique special topic course this winter term on cities and climate change. This course combines guest lectures from Phoenix, San Diego and Philadelphia with small seminars led by two Drexel University professors, Richardson Dilworth, PhD, and Christian Hunold, PhD, along with Patrick Morgan, Chief of Staff at City of Philadelphia, Office of the Deputy Mayor of Environment and Community Resources. 

The purpose of this course and lecture series is to seek and understand the dynamics of American cities' responses to climate change. Cities have planned for disasters in the past, but in almost all instances, these potential disasters were discrete, singular events, such as a nuclear war, riots, floods, or terrorist attacks. While some of the impact of climate change will take the form of such singular and isolated events, it will also involve more gradual processes of change for which cities must plan differently. The course and lecture series will serve to make initial contacts with guest lectures from Phoenix, San Diego and Philadelphia, in order to begin building a network of potential collaborators between the cities and Drexel University, to develop narratives for each city through which we can begin to understand the political, legal and organizational factors that determine their respective responses to climate change.

The lecture series is part of the Center for Public Policy course "Cities and Climate Change," and is open to all Drexel University students, faculty and staff. It will take place in the Paul Peck Problem Solving and Research Building at 6:30 p.m. on the dates listed below.  

List of Guest Lecturers:


1/23: Katherin Gajewski, Director, Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, City of Philadelphia

1/30: Robert Graff, Manager, Office of Energy and Climate Change Initiatives, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission & Joan Blaustein, Director of Urban Forestry and Ecosystem Management, Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation

2/20: Scott Schwarz, Deputy City Solicitor, Water Division, City of Philadelphia


2/6: Lawrence Herzog, Professor of City Planning, San Diego State University

2/13: Nancy Bragado, General Plan Program Manager, Planning Division, Development Services, City of San Diego


2/27:  Phil McNeely, Manager, Office of Environmental Programs, City of Phoenix

3/6: Nancy Selover, Arizona State Climatologist and Senior Sustainability Scientist, Global institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University