Required Courses

Students take required courses for the MS in Public Policy in the Center for Public Policy in the College of Arts and Sciences, from the LeBow College of Business, and from the College of Computing and Informatics.


BUSN 502 Essentials of Economics 3.0
ECON 616 Public Finance and Cost-Benefit Analysis 3.0
COM 705 Statistical Data Analysis in Communication 3.0
INFO 680
U.S. Government Information
PLCY 503 Theory and Practice of Policy Analysis 3.0
PLCY 504 Methods of Policy Analysis 3.0
PLCY 506 Institutional Dynamics of the Policy Process 3.0
PLCY 507 Nonprofit Organizations 3.0
PLCY 509 Sustainability and Public Policy 3.0
Total 27.0

Course Requirements

Students enrolled in the MS in Public Policy program are required to receive a grade of “B” or better in all core coursework in order to fulfill the requirements of the M.S. in Public Policy degree and be eligible for graduation. This policy is in addition to the Drexel University Office of Graduate Studies’ policy that requires all graduate students to maintain a minimum, cumulative 3.0 GPA per term as well as an overall 3.0 GPA for graduation purposes.