Elective courses are taught under the PLCY 590: Special Topics in Public Policy, or one of the participating departments. Students are required to take three 3-credit graduate level courses to fulfill the electives requirement. Public Policy students are able to select any graduate level courses (pending department approval) to create an electives "track" based on their own interests. Students have taken this opportunity to explore areas such as Education Policy, Environmental Policy and Urban Systems.

Some courses students have used to fulfill their electives requirement include:

  • Practicum in Environmental Policy Analysis (ENVP773)
  • Education Policy: Concepts, Issues and Applications (EDPO620)
  • Intro to Sci, Tech and Society (HIST591)
  • Themes in the History of Technology (HIST 591)
  • Civil Engineering Special Topics (CIVE790)
  • Sustainable Principles and Practices (CMGT545)
  • Economic Analysis Multinational Corps (INTB 632)
  • Environmental Sciences Special Topics (ENVS 531)
  • Environmental Law (ENVP 552)

Course descriptions can be found in the Drexel Graduate Course Catalog.