Frequently Asked Questions

There is an invitation code that is required to participate in a study. What is an invitation code? How do I get one?

An invitation code is set up by the researcher so that only specific invited participants can access their survey. If you are interested in one of these studies based on the description and would like to see if you might be eligible to participate, please contact the researcher directly.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Go to On the bottom left corner of the screen click "Lost your password? Click here to retrieve it."

I am having trouble logging-in and figuring out how to use Sona Systems. Who should I contact?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Sona Systems, please do not hesitate to contact with your specific questions. Someone will contact you to further assist you. If your question is in regards to a specific study, please contact the researcher directly. Their contact information is listed under the study description.

It’s the end of the term and I still have not received extra credit points. I don’t think my extra credit points were added to my grade.

Your final extra credit points should be available to you in Sona Systems by Monday of finals week. You can check your extra credit points by logging in and clicking on "My Schedule and Credits." If you still believe your extra credit points were not added on to your final course grade, please check to make sure that you are registered in Sona Systems under the correct course. To do so, login and click "My Profile" at the top. At the bottom of this page, you can view which courses you signed up for on Sona Systems. If you need to update these courses, please do so in this section by clicking on the "Change Course" link at the bottom. Be sure to hold "Ctrl" to sign up for multiple courses you might be enrolled in. Email to notify us of the changes you have made. We will do our best to ensure that you receive extra credit for the studies that you participated in.