Information for Faculty and Graduate Students

The Sona Systems program allows faculty and graduate students to recruit participants and collect data. Through this system, undergraduates are able to sign up for research studies online and receive extra credit or fulfill course requirements. Participants can log in and read about departmental studies they might be eligible to participate in. They can fill out online surveys and schedule research appointments if necessary. Students can also view and track their extra credit points through this system. Upon a student’s completion of a study, experimenters log in and provide students with extra credit points. At the end of the term, instructors receive, for each course they teach, one centralized list of student names and the amount of extra credit points each has earned.

Psychology 101, 111, and 112 sections are automatically enrolled in Sona Systems. At least three extra credit assignments will be posted on the Sona website each term as alternatives to research participation, but individual instructors may choose whether to create their own alternative extra credit assignments in lieu of those offered on Sona Systems.

New instructors are sent an e-mail with a link to an online survey to indicate whether they would like their courses to be part of the system. If at any time, you would like to change your participation preferences, please contact Jenny Gilbert (

If your course is enrolled in the Sona Systems program, researchers may want to come to your class to tell your students about their study. Researchers will be instructed to contact you ahead of time to get your approval to do this and to determine what day/time would work best for you.

Text related to the Department of Psychology's Subject Recruitment Policies and Procedures should be included in the syllabus of any course providing extra credit to students for volunteering to participate in research. This text is distributed to course instructors at the start of each term by the Sona Systems coordinator for inclusion in the syllabus.

If students have study-specific questions, they should contact the researcher directly (the researcher’s contact information will be listed in their study description section on Sona Systems). If students have general Sona System questions, they should contact Jenny Gilbert (