Prospective Students

Are you taking any new graduate students next year?

I’ll be taking one PhD student, one MS student, and one JD/PhD student for Fall 2016.

What can you tell me about the PhD Program?

Drexel University’s PhD Program in Clinical Psychology is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association. The PhD Program adheres to the scientist-practitioner model, which emphasizes clinical research and the application of scientific principles, while concentrating on the integration of research and practice.

What can you tell me about the JD/PhD Program?

The JD/PhD Program is administered through the Department of Psychology and School of Law. The PhD program is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association, and the School of Law is fully accredited by the American Bar Association. The program bridges the gap between psychological and legal training, and the course of study is designed to be completed in 7 years. For more information about the JD/PhD Program, see the Psychology Department JD/PhD site and the School of Law JD/PhD site.

What type of PhD applicants are you looking for?

I look for applicants with strong quantitative credentials (as evidenced by GPAs over 3.5 and GRE scores [verbal plus quantitative] over 1300), outstanding letters of recommendation, research experience, strong writing skills, enthusiasm, and a personal statement that reflects a mature understanding of the field and well-defined areas of interest. Students who are a good "match" with the research focus of our lab will be given highest priority.

What type of JD/PhD applicants are you looking for?

In addition to criteria described above for PhD applicants, JD/PhD applicants must have strong LSAT scores (preferably above 160), a mature understanding of the relationship between law and psychology, and well-defined research interests that have public policy implications.

What type of MS applicants are you looking for?

The MS Program is not clinical in nature and is therefore an ideal option for students who are research focused. It may be particularly attractive for students who do not want to pursue a PhD or who are not yet competitive for high-quality PhD programs.

How does the admissions process work?

Applications for the PhD Program and JD/PhD Program are due December 1st. For the PhD program, we typically receive approximately 100 applications from applicants who express an interest in working in our lab. Of these applicants, we invite 8 to 10 for in-person interviews at Drexel (held in mid February). For the JD/PhD Program, we typically receive 25-30 applications, and we invite 6 to 8 applicants for in-person interviews at Drexel (in mid-February). The application deadline for the MS Program is March 1, with interviews typically scheduled for April. We typically interview 6 to 8 qualified applicants for the MS Program.