Master's in Psychology Thesis

Students should begin working on the thesis during their first year, developing ideas and examining the existing research literature. The student should work with their thesis advisor from the beginning of this process by discussing possible thesis ideas. The thesis advisor can provide guidance in all areas of developing and writing a thesis. The advisor must approve the thesis topic and before you begin significant exploration on your thesis topic. Your Research Methods class is designed to help you with the thesis process. Additionally, the following information is available at the University website and is designed to supplement guidance provided by the advisor:

Drexel University Thesis Manual

You may also purchase the book, Dissertations and Theses from Start to Finish: Psychology and Related Fields, by Cone and Foster. This has been recommended as a very helpful book. You should also purchase the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

You are also encouraged to read at least one doctoral or master's thesis recently completed by a student in the Department of Psychology. Your advisor or the master's program coordinator can guide you by selecting a good model thesis. Reading these dissertations and theses will help you to better understand what is expected in your thesis. In order to complete a successful empirical thesis, you must first develop your question/hypothesis, based on previous literature. Then you determine how you will collect data. In some instances, depending on the particular research questions to be addressed, existing data may be analyzed.