Cognitive Behavior Therapy Concentration

The Cognitive-Behavior Therapy concentration seeks to emphasize cognitive and behavioral approaches to assessment and intervention, including so-called third generation or acceptance-based behavior therapies. Although all students receive basic foundational training in CBT, this concentration is designed to give students opportunities for advanced training and further specialization in CBT approaches. Note: The CBT concentration is relatively new and course requirements will evolve in part through the development of new courses.

In addition to the core curriculum:

  1. One CBT practicum (800 hours)
  2. A CBT-focused thesis and dissertation
  3. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (taken during first year); Behavioral Stress Management (generally taken during second year)
  4. At least 3 CBT electives: Seminar in Mind/Body Studies, Eating and Its Disorders, Health Psychology, Childhood Psychopathology and Its Treatment, and other CBT courses to be developed