Introduction to Mythology: Contemporary Approaches to Classical and World Myths

Eva Thury

Associate Professor of English
Department of English & Philosophy


The only complete world mythology textbook available, Introduction to Mythology: Contemporary Approaches to Classical and World Myths, Second Edition, integrates original texts with explanations, interpretations, theory, and numerous pedagogical aids to introduce students to a wide range of myths from various critical perspectives. Featuring texts from sources around the world, it includes readings from Greek and Roman classics (by Homer, Hesiod, Ovid, and other writers); Nordic mythology (by Snorri Sturluson); Hindu culture (The Ramayana); Chinese mythology (NĂ¼ Kwa; new to this edition) and from such ancient works as The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Bible, and the Mesopotamian story of Enuma Elish (new to this edition). Selections from Native-American sources and folktales and stories from Africa, Germany, and the United States are also included. In addition, authors Eva Thury and Margaret Devinney draw comparisons between classical myths and such contemporary cultural phenomena as The X Files, Star Trek, Mother Goose, and, new to this edition, Harry Potter, Stagecoach, and Firefly. They also incorporate readings by Carl Jung, Claude Levi-Strauss, Victor Turner, and other scholars who consider mythic material from different analytical perspectives. Finally, traditional works by writers like John Milton and John Keats as well as those by contemporary authors like Anne Sexton, John Updike, Angela Carter, and James Joyce are presented as examples of literary texts with mythological roots.

About Dr. Thury

Dr. Thury has recently completed Mythology: A Modern Approach to a Timeless Theme with Margaret K. Devinney. She is currently at work on the translation into English from Hungarian of Egy Lepes Jeruzsalem Fele, by Sandor Bacskai, a literary work based on the ethnography of Jewish life in Hungary after World War II. Her areas of specialization include Classical Literature, Mythology, Desktop Publishing and Software Documentation. She was the Senior Editor of the Drexel Online Journal and writes a regular column for the DOJ entitled with a small c. Dr. Thury maintains an extensive website with a variety of course-related materials at: She has articles published in Arethusa, American Journal of Philology, Computers and the Humanities, Rheinisches Museum fur Philologie, and Special Libraries and Empirical Approaches to Literature and Asthetics (Ablex).

Dr. Thury teaches several courses in the English Program, including Mythology, Classical Literature, Masterworks of Western Literature, and The Mystery Story, as well as courses in the Freshman Writing Program. She also teaches several classes in Drexel's Program in Scientific and Technical Communication, including Software Documentation and Desktop Publishing.

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