Soft Borders: Rethinking Sovereignty and Democracy

Julie Mostov

Professor of Political Science
Department of History & Politics
Associate Vice Provost for International Programs


Studies in democratic theory and IR increasingly take globalization and fragmentation as a starting point for discussion, assuming the decreased relevance of the nation-state as a given. However, while the notion of sovereignty is increasingly contested within academic circles, most recent military conflicts have been over issues of sovereignty in some form. Traditional understanding of the term has invested it with a potential for violence on the one hand and impotence on the other. Focusing on the case of Yugoslavia in the 1990s, this book explores the issues surrounding "sovereignty" and calls for a radical rethinking of the notion and the institutions and practices that it grounds.

About Dr. Mostov

Dr. Mostov is the Associate Vice Provost for International Programs, and a Professor of Political Science at Drexel University. She specializes in studies on the politics of national identity, sovereignty, citizenship, and gender and She has a particular interest in Southeastern Europe.

Her recent publications promote the notion of soft-borders, transnational citizenship, and relational sovereignty, and explores gender and sexuality in the politics of national identity.

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