Literary Research and British Modernism: Strategies and Resources

Alison Lewis

Assistant Teaching Professor
Information Science and Technology


Focusing on work produced between 1880 and 1945, Literary Research and British Modernism: Strategies and Sources provides scholars with the necessary methods and tools for studying the literature of this period. This reference guide will facilitate research into the works of such major modernist writers as James Joyce, T. S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, E.M. Forster, Joseph Conrad, and Somerset Maugham, as well as lesser known or forgotten authors of the era.

The book discusses research methodology and the best practices for the research process, especially regarding the research challenges unique to works of British modernism. This resource includes commentary on general literary reference materials; library catalogs; print and online bibliographies, indexes, and annual reviews; scholarly journals; contemporary reviews; period journals and newspapers; microform and digital collections; manuscripts and archives; and Web resources. This book is an important and helpful guide for researchers of British Modernism and general interested readers alike.


About Dr. Lewis

Dr. Lewis has had over twenty years of professional experience in specialized, research, and academic libraries. Her research interests include ethical issues within librarianship and library services to humanists and social scientists. Dr. Lewis teaches a variety of courses within the M.S. program.

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