Ethical Challenges in Health Care

Vicki D. Lachman

Clinical Professor


As a health professional or health care leader, have you ever:

Had to address the problem of uninsured patients in your hospital?
Had to deliver bad news to patients and families?
Wanted to report an unethical colleague?

If so, you need this book on your bookshelf. Health care managers and professionals face serious ethical dilemmas like these every day. This book provides the knowledge, insight, strategies, and encouragement necessary for developing moral courage in health care practice, even in the face of adversity.

Lachman outlines both personal and organizational strategies to help nurses, physicians, physical therapists, and health care leaders develop moral courage, and face difficult ethical challenges in health care practice and management head-on. Lachman presents numerous, real-life case examples to illustrate skills and opportunities for developing moral courage in the workplace. Also included are tips for executives on how to develop their ethical leadership skills.

Key Features:

Presents guidelines for developing moral courage for organization leaders as well as for individual practitioners.

Discusses topics of critical concern to nurses and physicians, including patient autonomy, informed consent, and the importance of truth-telling.

Highlights pressing issues for health care leaders, including the uninsured in America, managing disruptive practitioners, and promoting patient safety.

Includes guidelines for "standing up and speaking out" against unethical practices.

Reiterates "Key Points to Remember" at the end of each chapter.

About Dr. Lachman

Vicki D. Lachman, PhD, APRN, MBE is a Associate Clinical Professor in masters and doctoral nursing programs. Her primary appointment is in the doctoral nursing program, where she teaches ethics and mentors students. After completing her undergraduate and graduate work in nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, she obtained a doctoral degree in education from Temple University. The focus of her program was on organizational development and since then she has consulted with over 350 healthcare organizations and has given over 2,500 presentations at various organizations and conferences.

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