Applied Ethics in Nursing

Vicki D. Lachman

Clinical Professor


"What constitutes "informed consent"?
What can I do if the patient lacks the capacity to make decisions?
How should I respond to a patient who requests my help in dying?
What is the rationale for giving a patient medication (chemical restraints) against his or her will?
What exactly are "patient's rights" and how does one advocate for one's patients?

Applied Ethics in Nursing provides an easily understandable guide to the kind of ethical dilemmas you face in practice. Using a question-and-answer format along with numerous case studies, this text offers best practices and strategies for approaching the difficult problems commonly found in clinical practice.

This book also addresses organizational and institutional issues that can confound or promote ethically sound decision making. Each chapter ends with a resource list of websites and recommendations for further reading. The American Nurses' Association Code of Ethics for Nurses is used as a guide throughout, along with standards and guidelines from other major healthcare and governmental organizations.


About Dr. Lachman

Vicki D. Lachman, PhD, APRN, MBE is a Associate Clinical Professor in masters and doctoral nursing programs. Her primary appointment is in the doctoral nursing program, where she teaches ethics and mentors students. After completing her undergraduate and graduate work in nursing at the University of Pennsylvania, she obtained a doctoral degree in education from Temple University. The focus of her program was on organizational development and since then she has consulted with over 350 healthcare organizations and has given over 2,500 presentations at various organizations and conferences.

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