Reclaiming the Dead

Miriam Kotzin

Associate Professor of English
Department of English & Philosophy

Most memorable among these beautifully modulated lyric poems are the evocations of tranced stillness-a world immobilized by a porcelain decorum, a hopeless enthrallment, and the intense loneliness of living in the company of another's indifference: "Over his body, her horizon / she watched the dawn alone." Written over the years, the poems reveal an inner history as a submerged life comes to the surface, moving from the spellbound to the elegiac. - Eleanor Wilner

About Dr. Kotzin

Dr. Kotzin is the author of A History of Drexel University. She has more than 120 poems and 60 short stories in over 100 publications, including Southern Humanities Review, Carve Magazine, The Pedestal Magazine, Small Spiral Notebook, and Three Candles. She is also a Contributing Editor for Boulevard. She received an Exemplary Teaching Award as well as three nominations for a Pushcart Prize for Poetry. One of her short stories was named a Notable Story, one of the best online short stories published during 2005, in the Million Writers Award. She is also the Founding Editor of Per Contra.

Dr. Kotzin teaches several courses in the English Program, including Creative Writing, Writing Poetry, Readings in Poetry, Readings in Drama, and Readings in Fiction. She also teaches in the Freshman Writing Program.

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