Brand/Story: Ralph, Vera, Johnny, Billy and Other Adventures in Fashion Branding

Joseph Hancock

Associate Professor
Department of Fashion Design and Design & Merchandising


Fashion brands and the images they convey dictate much about what Americans think and feel about fashion and style. This book presents students and scholars with a better understanding of fashion branding through a dedicated examination of fashion and apparel in an applied, academic, and scholarly style. It will include the history of fashion brands, the culture of fashion brands, chapters devoted to specific fashion brands, and the future of fashion brands. One of the author’s goals of this text was not to place judgment on the fashion brands presented, but let you moderate for yourself. While, there are opinions about certain brands, you will have one too. And that is great! All the fashion companies, interviewees, and editors who participated in the writing of this book encourage the readers to visit websites, sign-up for their mailing lists and of course visit stores. "Go outside!"

About Dr. Hancock

Joseph "Joe" Hancock teaches and conducts research at Drexel University in the Department of Fashion and Design & Merchandising. He a has twenty-year retailing background having worked for The Gap Corporation, The Limited, Inc., and the Target Corporation. Joe earned his PhD from the Ohio State University focusing his research in the areas of fashion branding, contemporary mass fashion, and popular culture. He has published works in the Journal of American Culture, the journal Fashion Practice, the Journal of Popular Culture, and has released a book Brand/Story: Ralph, Vera, Johnny, Billy and Other Adventures in Fashion Branding that was published by Fairchild Publications. He is currently working on a book titled Icons of Fashion for the Costume Society of America. He has lectured and taught courses at University of Technology in Sydney, Australia and at Stockholm University. Has been an invited speaker at Cornell University, The Ohio State University, Albright College, and the University of Delaware. Dr. Hancock has received research fellowships and grants from the Popular/American Culture Associations, the London College of Fashion, and Stockholm University.

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