Transnational Leadership Development: Preparing the Next Generation for the Borderless Business World

Kathy D. Geller

Assistant Clinical Professor
Educational Leadership and Management


As the global world transforms , so do the cultures that compose it. But many traditions and cultural mores are long-standing, and their influence on business practice does not abate with new developments - even the kind of sea change that is rendering much fo the business landscape borderless.

As a business leader in this new world order, it us equally important to recognize and respect cultural differences as it is to find common ground. With Transnational Leadership Development, authors Beth Fisher-Yoshida nd Kathy D. Geller introduce a new philosophy of managing by applying the five paradoxes of cross-cutural interaction. Although rife with substantial challenges, these paradoxes are not "problems" with easily packaged "solutions." Such simplistic approaches most often lead to misguided initiatives, lost productivity, and long-termunease within a company's global family. By understanding the paradoxes, you will learn to view the world through different lenses, find new and more effective ways to communicat and move forward in a global context quickly and condidently while still taking the critically necessary time to reflect on your actions.

Whether your leadership role takes you to far-flung locations throughout the world or has you managing culturally diverse teams in your own neighborhood, Transnational Leadership Development - with its' revealing assessments, challenging exercises and genuinely illuminating case studies - is a practical and engaging tool for laying the groundwork fo rthe continued growth of your business in the global arena.

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On September 1, 2010 Kathy D. Geller, Ph.D. joined the faculty of the Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management at Drexel's Sacramento Center for Graduate Studies as Assistant Clinical Professor.

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