Innovations in Transformative Learning: Space, Culture and the Arts

Kathy D. Geller

Assistant Clinical Professor
Educational Leadership and Management


This book addresses the disparity between transformative learning theory as espoused and practiced in the classrooms of the academy, and it's application beyond. It articulates new models of transformative education that integrate transformative learning theory with other models of change and development. The three editors and 11 contributors draw on both theory and practice to illustrate how transformative learning has been introduced to a variety of settings and cultures, and synergistically integrated with theory of communication, participatory action research, and communities of inquiry and practice. Organized around themes of creating space for learning; looking through the lens of culture, diversity and difference; and animating awareness through the expressive and performative arts, this collection will broaden awareness and aid scholars, students and practitioners in using transformative learning as an approach to adult learnign and social and organizational change in a range of settings.

About Dr. Geller

On September 1, 2010 Kathy D. Geller, Ph.D. joined the faculty of the Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management at Drexel's Sacramento Center for Graduate Studies as Assistant Clinical Professor.

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