Claude Bragdon and the Beautiful Necessity

Eugenia Victoria Ellis

Associate Professor
Department of Interior Design

Claude Bragdon and the Beautiful Necessity is a superbly illustrated catalogue accompanied by a collection of essays that explore the extraordinary talent and breadth of this American architect. Edited by Dr. Eugenia Ellis and Andrea G. Reithmayr, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of Bragdon's work, including contributions by notable scholars such as Linda Dalrymple Henderson, Jonathan Massey, Richard Guy Wilson and Joan Ockman, among others.

Claude Bragdon (1866-1946) was a well-known architect, artist, writer, stage designer and publisher who was most proud of his architectural designs in the Rochester, New York area. A prolific and influential writer, Bragdon published more than twenty books and hundreds of articles. He was nationally known for his graphic art, his Song & Light Festivals of 1915-1918, and his role in theater's New Stagecraft. He had technical and artistic expertise in many disciplines, making it difficult to categorize his work into a specific stylistic trend. Bragdon experimented with light, color, electricity and music in ways that predated modern-day virtual reality images. Bragdon was a vital force in understanding 20th-century American architecture and its contribution to social transformation.

About Dr. Ellis

Eugenia Victoria Ellis teaches advanced seminars in theory and interdisciplinary experimental courses in sustainable and smart design. She previously taught at Temple University, Virginia Tech and the University of Pennsylvania; and she was an Assistant Professor at the University of Idaho where she was honored in 1995 with the ACSA/AIAS New Faculty Teaching Award for recognition of demonstrated excellence in teaching performance.

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