Strategic Plan News

The Drexel University 2007-2012 Strategic Plan website gives all stakeholders in the Drexel Community instant access to all elements of the Strategic Plan. Updates, progress reports, and other information concerning the implementation of the Strategic Plan will be added periodically as we progress towards a new Drexel University. The interactive version of the plan, complete with implementation strategies and current results, is accessible by clicking "View the Interactive Plan".

Final Summary on Strategic Plan Implementation

The Office of the Provost has released a final summary on the implementation of the Strategic Plan. The report highlights the progress that has been made since the May 2007 approval of "The Future is Drexel", the 2007-2012 Strategic Plan. View Report (PDF)

Creation of New Office of Faculty Development and Equity

The new Office of the Faculty Development and Equity is a direct result of the Strategic Plan. The office promotes diversity, provides resources for faculty of all status and maintains a wealth of information related to faculty needs. View Website

Creation of New Office of International Programs

The Office of the International Programs was created in response to Globalization support needs identified in the Strategic Plan. The Office established an International Programs Advisory Council, developed policies for new partnerships, and in February hosted a Student Conference on Global Challenges. View Website